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Holistic Beauty For 2015

The first half of January is over. So far, how have you been doing? Are you keeping up with your new year’s resolution to stay fit and healthy? Now, we are back to work, back to school and to our daily routines. You might feel exhausted and tired to the bone. You would soon realize that you lack a great deal of sleep and you discarded most of your health, beauty and wellness regimens.

Our body is overworked, to say the least. Just imagine all the things you have dealt with the past year. Add the kind of food we take and the eating habits we follow. Most probably, there were times that our digestive system had to work double time to churn the different kind of food we eat.
If your body is healthy and nourished, your skin will glow.

If you are unwell, lacking vital nutrients, or unable to digest nutrients properly, your skin may show stress or vulnerability and show early signs of aging.

The key to a holistic beauty starts inside. How? Here are some reminders to help you get a beautiful and glowing start this 2015.

Drink cleansing juice.
Juicing is a great way to hydrate your body and pump in essential vitamins and minerals in your bloodstream. It will help regulate your skin and body and can help you achieve clear, glowing skin, purify the kidneys and clean and strengthen the blood. Green vegetable juices have anti-infective assets, they counterbalance the body’s pH, rid the body of acid waste, purge the body of mucous, and perform a cellular cleansing.

Exfoliate at least twice a week.
Living in a tropical country, we sweat a lot and our damp skin are gathering dirt and allergens everyday. Exfoliation helps get rid of this dirt surface. Look out for scrubs with sugar or salt mixed with butter and essential oils. Avoid glycerin and other chemical additives as these can harm your skin.

Meditate your way to holistic beauty.
Meditation helps clear our mind and quiet our thoughts in this fast-paced life. As our body’s control center, it is important to ensure that our mind is in tiptop condition. The effect of meditation, when practiced properly and consistently, is like an anti-aging pill that cleanses your skin and rejuvenates your complexion.

Exercise regularly.
You don’t need to strain yourself when exercising. Simple and easy exercise routines should be done regularly to achieve best results. Use a skipping rope for 15-30 minutes daily will get your heart pumping and increase blood flow to all parts of your body. It will create a radiant glow on your skin.

Maintain a balanced diet.
This may sound overrated but how many times have you tried it but failed to keep it on track. It’s easy to start eating healthy. The challenge is maintaining it. Ensure that you get enough proteins for your muscles and eat fruits and green vegetables to get fresh minerals. Mason jar salads are popular today. Try some it and take it to work, school and practically anywhere. This will prevent you from eating on impulse.
Face the coming year with confidence and optimism. Positivism will improve your outlook in life and create an inner satisfaction that will radiate for everyone to see.

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