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Best Anti-Sensitive Facial by Best Facial Singapore

Best Anti-Sensitive Facial by Best Facial Singapore

Best Anti-Sensitive Facial by Best Facial Singapore

Some of my friends wonder if they will ever grow out of their sensitive skin which can easily become red, itchy and swollen.

Why skin becomes sensitive?
Sensitive skin is often due to a few reasons:

1) Overly-stimulated skin from harsh cleansing, exfoliation (aka scrub)
If you are using a cleanser that lathers and foam up, it is very likely dehydrating. If your skincare routine does not follow through with hydrating toner and cream, you will soon disturb the skin barrier equilibrium. The first sign of dehydrated skin is a tight-after-cleansing feeling.

2) Allergic to sulphur laden pimple cream

Many off-the-counter pimple cream is laden with sulphur, a common ingredient which can cause redness and sensitivity. We often observe post-injury (in this case pimples) from over application of pimple cream.

3) Treatment from laser or acid peel

Lastly, one common culprit is aesthetic treatment to help remove pigments. Clients who doctor-hop and have frequent anti-pigmentation treatments suffer from thin skin which can be warm and red easily

If you are suffering from sensitive skin, our main objective is to ‘nurse’ the skin back to health by restorig the skin oil-water equilibrium. This will take at least 28 days ~ the natural regeneration cycle of the skin.

To kickstart the process, Guinot Hydradermie Anti-Sensitive Facial will be ideal. Followed by a simple skincare routine with Guinot Hydra-sensitive Cleanser, Guinot Hydra-sensitive serum and Guinot Hydra-sensitive cream. Light on the wallet but yield amazing results.

Guinot Hydradermie Anti-Sensitive Facial is an ideal facial for those who suffer from extreme sensitivity. It uses a simple technology called double ionization ie. Galvanic current to help penetrate Anti-Sensitive serum onto the skin. Once completed skin is very hydrated and much less sensitive. For full article, you may wish to read on Best Facials Singapore with Guinot Hydradermie

Best Anti-Sensitive Facial by Best Facial_Singapore

Best Anti-Sensitive Facial by Best Facial_Singapore

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.

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