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Why spend on facials when you can have quick fix from laser, botox or filler?

Why spend on facials if you can have quick fix with laser, botox or filler?

‘Why spend on facials if you can have quick fix with laser, botox or filler?’ is often asked by our clients.

Just in this past week, we have 3 clients who helped answer this question. Read on to find out more from the perspective of a customer.

Yes. The 3 clients who provided the answer. 2 of them have been suffering from melasma (hyperpigmentation associated with hormonal changes).

These 2 ladies tried laser treatments, AHA peel cream application, Vitamin C and A products and even oral ingestion of melanin blockers. Whilst the aesthetic doctors have helped them remove the superficial pigmentation but these ladies didnt’ recover well. Why?

Their answer: Harsh treatments to help remove pigments without proper post-laser care is not a long term solution. Long term care should include good quality skincare, including receiving monthly facials from professional beauticians.

This conversation triggers me to write this blog as I wish more ladies can be armed with the right knowledge before looking for quick fix.

At the dermatologist clinic:

A few options will usually be presented: topical cream application of Vitamin A and/laser to help deep exfoliate the skin and to break down the melanin. This broken-down melanin will be absorbed by the skin’s immune system and remnants of the melanin perched from the skin.

As the skin becomes more sensitive with mild peeling, redness and occasional itchiness, a good skincare routine including the appropriate skincare and adequate sun protection is mandatory.

This is when the beautician plays the role of the caregiver after the ‘invasive’ treatment.

Role of beautician:

Whilst the beauticians may not be able to access to medical grade peel and laser treatment, they have access the pharmacy of essential oil and botanical extracts.

Our role is to soothe the peeling face and help the ‘baby skin’ which is being exposed regenerate healthily and provide advice on maximum sun protection of the new skin.

In short, beauticians maintain especially the epidermal layer of skin health after the clients have received more aggresive treatments from the doctors.

Angels Dream Spa, home to the Best of Facials in Singapore has much experience in partnering dermatologists to care of our clients who have received aesthetic treatments or serious acne issues.

More testimonials on our website www.angelsdreamspa.com and our facebook @angelsdreamspa

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.







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