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Why Toner by Best Facials Singapore

Why Toner? by Best Facials Singapore

‘Why Toner?” by Best Facials Singapore

Many of our clients often ask us “Why do I have to use a toner?  It is difficult to make time to cleanse and moisturize, where would I find time to use a toner?”

In a hot and humid country like Singapore, many of us have congestion especially around the T-zone which sometimes develop into blemishes. Whilst congestion may not be such a big problem compared to pigmentation or wrinkles, it is the MAIN reason why women decided not to apply skincare altogether.

Women tend to be emotional when plagued with pimples. We often turn fanatic and use overly-harsh cleansers to get rid of our ‘oil’. Some even scrub daily.

This further escalates the problem as the skin becomes dehydrated. This phenomenon triggers the sebum gland to create more oil to compensate for the dehydrated condition.

Yes. Though toner is such a simple product, it has an important role to play.

Toner on wet cotton applied on cleansed face helps to ‘double cleanse’ the face. Making sure the pores are rid of any trace elements of the cleansers, make up residual ensuring it is ready for serum and cream. It also helps to shrink the pores and hence the sebum gland tends to produce less oil to the skin surface area. A balanced-face is now ready to receive the healing ingredients from serum and cream.

Next, let’s address another popular question about toner.

‘Should I use a toner with alcohol?’

There are 3 types of toners.

1) Lotion : Most suitable for dehydrated skin

These are the mildest form of toners, they contain water and a humectant such as glycerine and very little if any alcohol (0-10%). Humectants help to keep the moisture in the epidermal layer by preventing it from evaporating. A popular example is rosewater.

2) Tonics: Normal  to combination skin

These are slightly stronger and contain a small quantity of alcohol ( up to 20%), water and humectant ingredient.

3) Astringents : Oily skin

These are the strongest form of toner and contain high proportion of alcohol (20%-60%) with antiseptic ingredients, water and humectant.

An extra tip to stretch your dollar with the toner you bought. After applying the toner on your face, use the same cotton to wipe your decollete area and arms. This will help to reduce the tan on your arms.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa. Blemish-free skin is just a spa away.

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