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The Best Facials in Singapore

This is part of a series of 8 episodes for “The Best Facials in Singapore”

You must be wondering “What are the Best Practices of a Good French Facial?” “What are the differences between a $38 facial vs a $380 facial?” “What actually happens in the treatment room?” “What is the long term effect of Facial   “Is Facial with machine or without better?” “Is Extraction good or otherwise?”

Being a facial junkie turned professional beautician, with a background as a Biochemist/Chemist, it is no wonder am obsessed with the above questions for the longest time…

Today, let’s review one of Maria Galland’s most luxurious treatment, Maria Galland Hot Modelling Mask Treatment.

Best Facials In Singapore2

The Hot Modeling Mask Treatment is a classic, long proven treatment based on deep-acting, self-warming mineral mask, which offers spectacular lifting effects whilst combined with its 7 luxurious essences help to give a targeted treatment for each individual area of the skin.

Cleanse: To prepare the skin, the beautician standing in front of the client uses a step of lifting effleurage movements which gently remove the dirt from the skin surface area.

Exfoliate: Followed through with stimulating circular movement with a granular scrub especially on the Tzone (chin, nose and forehead), fine lines area (lines on the neck, frownlines and crows’ feet) and pigmented areas (nose bridge and cheeks).

Best Facials In Singapore

Penetrate Essences: A mattifying toner with trace amount of glycolic acid will be wiped gently to balance the pH and remove any residual of cleanser or mask. Now the skin is ready for the penetration of the 7 essences to be chosen from.

Maria Galland Essences are made of the most exotic and rare ingredients including caviar for anti-wrinkle, black orchid for regeneration, malachite shell for anti-sensitive, white truffle for hydrating, silver for anti-blemish, gold for radiance and hyaluronate for eyes.

Facial Massage: Using Maria Galland’s Signature Rejuvenation Cream, No. 5, your beautician will massage your face with a well choreographed massage for lifting, rejuvenation and prepare the skin for the ultimate hot modelling mask.

Hot Modelling Mask:  When applied from neck onwards (with the option to cover the eyes/mouth), the natural mineral will warm up to 40 degrees Celcius to quick penetrate the essences and rejuvenation cream into the epidermal layer. After 20 minutes, when the mask is gently removed, skin looks firm ~V SHAPE with apple cheeks defined, radiant from increased blood circulation.

When coupled with the most professional beautician with the love to heal the skin, it is no wonder our customers glow with radiance that emanate from within. Try it to believe it.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore – Angels Dream Spa.

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