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Best Facial in East of_Singapore using Babor

The Best Facials in Singapore using Babor

The Best Facials In Singapore using Babor

What is in Babor, the No.1 in Germany skincare which attracts so many successful and premium companies to use its products. This includes Lufthansa First Class Lounge at Frankfurt Airport, Emirates Hotels all over the world and more than 40 thousand esteemed salons in the world.

As an award-winning boutique spa in Singapore, Angels Dream Spa is proud to be in partnership with Babor.

In our facial treatment range, we have at least 3 amazing facials which will wow just any spa enthusiasts.

1) Dr Babor Lifting and Line Smoothening Facial

2) Babor Anti-Sensitive or Anti-Blemish Ampoule Facial

3) Babor Rose Oil Aromatherapy Glow Facial

In this beauty blog, would love to simply bring you through Dr Babor Lifting and Line Smoothening Facial.  Just like reading a gourmet magazine, whilst facial protocol helps wet our appetite to the facial, it is nothing like being pampered on the facial bed.

Hence, would love to take the chance to introduce more of the star product used in the treatment, Dr Babor BTX Lift Serum and Dr Babor Dual Lift Serum as these 2 besties can be brought home with you. With this, the effects of the facial can be preserved with daily application of these 2 star products.

Step 1: Deep cleansing using Babor Cleansing Oil and Enzymatic Peel

Babor HY-Oil Cleansing Oil was first introduced by Dr Babor himself 50 years ago. It remains as one of the most revered cleansing oil in the skincare industry. Babor HY-Oil cleanser is a 2-step process. Gently spread the oil (without adding any water) and this hydrophilic oil (water loving) will remove impurities and extra sebum. Next apply herbal essences to emulsify the oil.

Following that, a thin layer of Enzymatic Peel will be applied to digest away the dull skin and remove tan.

A good beautician understands how important the prep work is for a successful treatment. When the pores are properly cleansed, it is now ready to receive the healing tonic.

Step 2: Dr Babor BTX-Lift Serum and Dual Lift Serum

* Apply Dr Babor BTX-Lift Serum on crow’s feet and frown lines

To help combat crow’s feet, forehead furrows and frown lines, Babor has innovated with a plant based peptide which contains 5.5% BTX complex. It helps to reduce muscle contractions and provide instant, smoothening effects by preventing the release of neurotransmitters. This plant-based peptide works like BOTOX without the unwanted side effects.

Best Facial in East of Singapore using_Babor

** Apply Dual Lift Serum on cheeks and on the side of face

To help plump up the cheeks and lift the face, Dr Babor Dual lift works both ways. In 1 tube, you find this amazing product to provide 2 serums. One to achieve ‘apple cheek’ and the other to help you with ‘V Shape’ face. Wow! Am amazed on how Babor has gone out of its way to meet customers’ requirement. Again, this plant-based peptide works like FILLER without the unwanted side effects.


Best Facial in East of Singapore_using Babor

Step 3: Lifting Mask

Following that, we carefully lift the face by picking up the muscles and stimulate it using yoga-inspired steps to stimulate cells activity (without using electricity). At Angels Dream Spa, we believe nothing beats the human loving touch to work on our skin, the biggest organ in our body. With the warmth of the hand, special massage technique coupled with collagen boosting cream, we can see immediate lifted effects.

Complete with the luxurious Babor HSR Lifting Mask to further penetrate even more lifting serum.

After removing the mask, a smoothened and lifted new look! Dont forget to bring back these 2 Skin Superfoods to continue looking your best.

Hope you’ve enjoyed our blog as part of the series from The Best Facials In The East of Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.



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