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The Healing Powers Of Meditation

All of us experience blue days. It is the sad side of life. However, we instinctively find ways to cope with struggles and pressing situations to bounce back and be happy. Some resort to luxury while some lean on people. But there is one good way that most people overlook – it is meditation.

Meditation is a practice that enables people to gain control of their own spiritual energy known as kundalini. Once this energy or life force moves around between the seven primary centers or chakras of the body, they will be able to experience self-realization, a broader state of self-awareness. With regular practice, they can also experience a higher level of awareness that enables them to feel other’s spiritual energy.

But why meditate?
Some people may find meditation a very trivial practice. For them, solutions in life are found in luxury, peers, and other worldly things. However, there might be a missing piece in the puzzle. While it is true that worldly things can be a temporary source of happiness, meditation can give them skills to have lasting inner peace and happiness.
Here are simple steps you can follow to start meditation:

First, find a quiet place to be alone. Choose a place that allows you to be undisturbed by any noise from anyone or anything for 5-10 minutes.
Next, take off your shoes then sit upright, yet relaxed with feet slightly apart on a chair or on the floor. Place the palms of your hands open on your knees.
Close your eyes and feel your surroundings. Once you become aware of the surroundings, slowly direct your attention inside your body, beginning from the lower spine up through the top of your head slightly above your forehead, to the soft spot of the head for babies.

Keep your eyes closed and firmly press the palm of your right hand onto the “soft spot” of your head. Raise your hand about six inches above your head, with your palm down. Slightly move it back and forth until you locate energy between your hand and your head. It may feel either warm or cold on your palm. If you couldn’t feel anything, you may repeat the step using your opposite hand because one hand may be sensitive than the other.

Keep your attention on the soft spot of your head then slowly bring your hand back to your lap.Keep your thoughts silent for 5-10 minutes. If a thought pops up, do not focus your mind into it. Just let your thoughts go on.Lastly, slowly open your eyes and feel the change in your mind and body.

Try meditating today and feel an uplifting change within you.

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