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Guinot Pigment Lightening Facial by Best Facial Singapore

Guinot Pigment Lightening Facial by Best Facial Singapore

While am waiting to be served at the restaurant or people watching at Orchard, I observed that most ladies in Singapore suffer from 2 skin concerns.

One most common issue is hyperpigmentataion due to over sun exposure or hormonal changes. Separately, for many working ladies who may not have time to prepare their own meals, the lack of protein in their diet cause many to suffer from lack of firmness and collagen.

During our consultation, we devise a holistic approach to handling their pigments and lack of collagen. For some very serious hyperpigmentation cases, we also refer them to our trusted dermatologist for a visit whilst we maintain their overall well-being on the ongoing basis.

1. A series of Guinot Hydra Peel and Guinot Liftosome Facial

Rotate Guinot Hydra Peel with Guinot Liftosome Facial. Frequency depends of severity of the problems. 2 weekly treatment will be idea for the first 3 t0 6 months. Followed by maintenance of monthly facial.

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2. Diet rich in protein and ample of exercise

Busy individuals often eat out and food choices at hawker centers or food court in Singapore are more prone to high carborhydrate to fill up and satiate appetite.These include various options of noodles, rice sets. Low in protein and fiber. Also, lack of anti-oxidants.

We observe clients who prepare their own meals with high protein have amazing bounce in their face. These include (fish, beans eg. mung beans, chicken), good quality oil (olive oil, coconut oil) and lots of anti-oxidant (3-colored capsicums, mushroom, greens).

Separately, we advise our clients to organize their work out into 3 categories: Strength, Cardio and Flexibility. Strength training includes High Intensity Training in the gym, Cardio training includes running, tennis, badminton etc and Flexibility traininig includes Pilates, Yoga…

3. A targeted skincare routine

Skin science is no longer guess work. We know for sure what ingredients are needed for melanin production (responsible for hormonal pigments, sunspots and freckles).

When UV hit the skin, melanocytes at the epidermal layer create melanin to protect the skin from sun damage at the DNA level. This good intention from the skin gets out of hand when the melanocytes become overactive and start to produce too much melanin at a  localized area.

During and after an effective facial program ie. 6 sessions of Guinot Hydra Peel Facial,  it is advisable to use Maria Galland Brightening series which include Arbutin serum, Brightening serum and Brightening cream.

Arbutin is a precursor to Hydroquinone which helps to block enzume Tyrosinase, which complete the synthesis or making of melanin. In order to reduce the production of melanin, Tyrosinase blockers like arbutin or hydroquinone is important.

Guinot Pigment Lightening Facial by Best_Facial Singapore

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.


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