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Five Things You Should Not Do To Your Skin

Skin is the outermost part of our body, that is to say, it is basically what presents our general appearance. In an attempt to make our skin look good and presentable, we use skin care products or even our own means of skin care. However, some of the things we do to our skin may not be reaping good results we expect, but are actually harming our skin.

To prevent your skin from harm, here are some harmful things you should not do to your skin:

1. Do not pop your pimples. Everyone does not want having pimples. Whenever we look at the mirror and see those unwanted pimples, we feel the temptation to pop them. However, getting rid of pimples by ourselves may only cause the infection to go deeper which may result to an even larger pore. The proper way to get rid of pores is by clinically applying downward pressure perpendicular to the skin’s surface, which cannot be generally done without the help of a dermatologist. So resist the temptation and patiently wait for your pimples to pop by themselves. When the pimples are ready to pop, you may try washing them off using a clean washcloth.

2. Do not wash your skin too much. Washing too much eliminates to keep the skin’s natural oils which are essential to keep the skin moisturized. Without enough moisture, the skin may end up looking dry, scaly, and may even result to dry skin diseases. You may try using mild bath soaps that does not take away too much oil.

3. Do not wash your face with harsh products. Chemical-based products usually provide quick results. However, some exfoliators and cleansers dry out the skin and strip the natural oils off which actually accelerates oil production and increases skin breakouts.

4. Do not go to bed with your makeup on. For women, it is advised to properly cleanse and remove their make-up first before retiring at night because leftover make-up can lead to skin inflammation which may generate free radicals that causes skin breakouts. Also, make-up clogs the skin’s oil glands which makes the pores grow larger.

5. Do not deprive your skin with sunlight. Sunlight is a natural antibiotic. Make sure that you give your skin a nice warming by going out preferably in the first hour of morning sun sometime between 6 to 7 in the morning.

Our skin is the most exposed part of the body. We need to take care of it as much as possible. In the end, the way we nurture our skin reflects our personal habits and lifestyle.

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