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Skin Care Tips For Post-Laser Treatment

Severe acne marks, scars, skin irregularities and facial wrinkles are some of the common reasons why people opt for laser treatments. In such cases, the skin problem area is exposed to direct, short, concentrated pulsating beams of light and removes the skin layer by layer. Some treatments are done in one visit. Others require more than one treatment to achieve the desired result.

Here are some reminders for post-laser treatment:
• To prevent swelling, apply ice water compresses for approximately 15 minutes every hour for the first 6-12 hours. Keep your head elevated or sleep on 2-3 pillows for a few days after the procedure.
• Keep the treated skin area moist. Apply the ophthalmic ointment recommended by your doctor around the eyes and to the eyelids. Do this at least 3-4 times daily for approximately the first week to prevent scarring.
• Drink plenty of water for the first few days.
• Keep the skin clean. Wash the area gently using a mild soap. Avoid the use of abrasives, exfoliating sponges, or exfoliating masks on the treated areas.
• To avoid cold sore lesions outbreak, avoid exposure to others with active sores. Your doctor may prescribe a medication to help prevent cold sore lesions.
• No excessive physical activity is allowed until approved by your doctor.
• Do not use makeup for 7 days or until the skin has healed completely.

Once the skin is completely healed, you can also try special facial treatments to help your skin get its natural glow. Angels Dream Spa, a premier luxury spa in Singapore, offers a wide range of facial treatments that will take care of your skin, especially after your laser treatment.

Wet Wet Wow
Try this luxurious facial spa that will pamper your skin. Power up dehydrated skin in a cocoon of warm foam mask. Coupled with the therapist’s skillful massage, the skin feels like new again. This is especially helpful to speed up the healing process of your skin after the surgery.

Glow On
Post-laser treatment, your skin cannot undergo peeling yet. You need a special treatment that will bring out the radiance of your skin. Try Glow On and experience a special technique called oxygenation. This will brighten the complexion by stimulating skin cell oxygenation and microcirculation, leaving skin looking radiant.

While laser treatment is non-invasive, it still requires special care and attention to avoid any counter-reactions. Visit Angels Dream Spa to know more about their special facial spa treatments.

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