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How to handle pimples at home by Best Facials Singapore

How to handle adult pimples at home by Best Facials Singapore

How to handle adult pimples at home by Best Facials Singapore

Adult pimples affect at least 30% of our clients at one point or other. If you’re troubled by teenager facial or adult facial, you’re not alone.

Why adult pimples?

  • Hormones

As with all skin concerns, hormones are the main reason why it happen. With the ever-changing hormone levels during our monthly cycle,  pre-menopause, menopause, hormonal therapy to regulate cycle, IUD etc etc, our sebum glands become overactive.

Overactive sebum glands tend to congest pores which become conducive for bacteria to grow. These pores when not oxygenated due to clogged oil, perspiration or pollution allows bacteria to multiply and cause whitehead, blackhead, pimples and even acne.

Stress and lack of sleep can also cause our sebum glands to become overactive and further congest pores.

Some other common reasons include a diet poor in water, fruits and vegetables which result in lower immunity and inability to fight the pimples naturally.

  • Hygiene

As we all know pimples are caused by bacteria (weather triggered by overactive sebum or congestion from excercise), it is important to keep an effective cleansing routine.

What can we do  to help our skin heal if you do not wish to go for a facial or see a doctor?


There are 2 cleansers which we highly recommend our clients to use as a home routine.

1) Babor Enzyme Cleanser

Babor Enzyme Cleanser is an active cleanser which contains enzyme. When mixed with water, the enzyme gets activated and it helps to dissolve the congestion which clogs up the pores. Once cleansing is in place, half our battle is won. Oxygenated pores equal to healthy skin as it is no longer conducive for bacteria to grow and multiply.

How to handle pimples at home by Best Facials_Singapore


2) Guinot Microbiotic Foam Cleanser

Guinot Microbiotic Foam Cleanser is another option. It has anti-bacterial action which thoroughly cleanses and purifies deep down. When used with Microbiotic lotion to complete cleansing and mattifying.

How to handle pimples at home by Best_Facials Singapore


1) Guinot Microbiotic Lotion

Guinot Microbiotic Lotion completes the cleansing of oily skin and regulates the production of sebum and neutralizes shine. It helps to further cleanse the congested pores and have anti-bacterial action.

How to handle pimples at home_by Best Facials Singapore

Pimple Gel/Cream

1) Maria Galland SOS purifying gel

Anti-acne pimple is one which contains salicylic acid is oil-soluble, so it can get inside your pores and get rid of the sticky goo which P-Acne bacteria love to thrive on.

How to handle pimples at_home by Best Facials Singapore

2) Guinot Pure Balance cream

A sebum-control moisturiser is useful for a larger area. Guinot Pure balance cream which has sebum control ingredient which is the antidote for overactive sebum glands (under the influence of hormones) which produce too much oil which clogs up pores.

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