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Why Exfoliate? by Best Facials_Singapore

Why exfoliate? by Best Facials Singapore

Why exfoliate? by Best Facials Singapore

A common question asked “Do I need to exfoliate my skin?” if yes, how often and what do you need to take note of.

Weekly or bi-weekly exfoliation (what most refer to as scrub or peel) is a good practice as it helps to remove the dead skin cells from the surface and is now prepared for penetration of serum, essence or ampoules as skincare tonic.

According to Dr. Lancer, a well- respected celebrity dermatologist, APPROPRIATE EXFOLIATION is the key to radiant, healthy and translucent skin. He accentuated that if exfoliation is done properly, the efficacy of serums and creams will be highly increased.

Here is the breakdown of the types of exfoliants:

Granular Exfoliant : The most common type of physical exfoliant is granular scrub. They contain kernel-like nut shells, fruit pits, ground coffee, flaxseed, sunflower seed or sugar. Whilst this exfoliant may feel rough, it is actually suitable for sensitive skin as it only acts on the superficial layer.

Chemical Exfoliant : This type of exfoliant helps to dissolve the ‘glue’ that hold the skin cells together. The most common types of chemical exfoliant contains glycolic acid or lactic acid or salicylic acid . This type of exfoliant can be strong as the pH can be lowered to 1-3.

Enzymatic Exfoliant : This type of exfoliant helps to breakdown the proteins. The dull and rough outer skin contains Keratin protein.

There are 3 types of common ingredients including Bromelain (pineapple), Papain (papaya)and Pumpkin enzyme.

Enzymes are so popular now that it gets incorporated into cleansers for daily use. This is one of the best products created especially for oily skin which tends to get blemishes.

An important note to remember is not to exfoliate more than twice a month. It is important to follow through with a mask to shrink the pores and to prevent whitehead, blackhead and pimples. Always rotate masks of different kinds: hydrating, purifying, firming just o name a few. If budget permitting, it would be good to have radiance and brightening mask on days you wish to show off your good skin further. In fact, simply putting a mask on is a form of exfoliant (without the need to scrub prior to the mask).

Why Exfoliate? by Best Facials Singapore

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