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Best Acne Facial by Best Facials_Singapore

Best Acne Facial by Best Facials Singapore

Best Acne Facial with Maria Galland by Best Facials Singapore

If you have been struggling with whitehead, blackhead, blocked pores, pimple and acne, you’re not alone.

It must be quite perplexing why your skin never seemed to be balance. T-zone including forehead, nose and chin is often congested with breakout.

You almost give up as you have tried every cleanser, scrub and pimple cream you can get your hands on. Recently, you even included a clay mask in your skincare routine but still the problem persists…..

At Angels Dream Spa, with the help of the experts from 3 established skincare brands, we have conceptualize the Best Acne Facial which helps our clients kick-start their anti-acne program with monthly facial and daily 3 step skincare for anti-acne.

Now let’s understand how pimples and acnes form?¬†The culprit always is hormones. Hormones in this case, androgens cause our sebum glands to be overly active. These over secretion of sebum clog the pores, preventing oxygen from entering the pores. The clogged pores when mixed with perspiration and dust set the ideal place of bacteria to grow. Thus, whitehead, blackhead, pimples and acne with pus.

The Best Acne Facial should be one which helps to deep cleanse the pores without irritating the skin and cause sensitivity, Also, it should not involve extensive extraction which cause bleeding, triggering the immune system and possibly further inflammation. Then, how would we attempt to help our clients with their acne issues.

The key to anti-acne program lies herein with using the appropriate cleanser and mask. In this series of 3 blogs, we will will focus on 3 separate treatments. Here is Part 1: Best Acne Facial with Maria Galland

Step 1: Maria Galland Cleansing Oil

As the skin is hydrophobic, a water-based cleanser could not get pass the skin surface area to remove the ‘gunk’ from within. On the contrary, cleansing oil is the perfect medium to go through the skin. The technique to cleanse the face is important to get the right results. First, spread the cleansing oil evenly on dry skin. Then, wet your fingertips and emulsify the oil with circular motion. You will see the oil turning murky white in color and together with this emulsion, the congested pores open up allowing the impurities to be removed.

Step 2: Maria Galland Gentle Acid Peel (Salicylic Acid)

After cleansing the face of the cleanser, wipe it dry with tissue. The beautician at Angels Dream Spa will spread a thin layer of Charcoal Acid Peel on the skin. In circular motion, she will gently exfoliate the skin. Once, the charcoal ‘beads’ have dissolved, she wiped them off with a wet washing cloth.

Step 3: Maria Galland Bentonite Clay Mask with Strawberry Extract and Papaya Enzyme Mask

2 separate exfoliating masks will be spread and leave on one after another. Each for 5 minutes. These masks work hard to remove all impurities including bacteria, congestion and all that we wish to have extracted. BUT without extraction at all. Reason: We do not wish to create any injury which may further push the bacteria deeper into the epidermal layer.

Step 4: Maria Galland Hydrating Mask

To complete the treatment, on localized spot, apply Maria Galland Purifying Essence (Silver) and cover the entire face with a thin layer of Hydrating Mask to balance the water content on the skin. 10mins later, wash and wipe dry.  Generously, apply toner with a cotton pad.

Ta da.. completed without any pain. When repeated once in 2 weeks for 4 times, followed by once in 3 weeks for another 4 times, maintained monthly thereafter, we can assure our clients of good progress. This of course need to be followed with a 3 step cleanse, tone and oil-control cream at home.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.


Best Acne Facial by Best Facials Singapore

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