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What everyone should know about Sensitive Skin3

What everyone should know about sensitive skin

What everyone should know about sensitive skin. Study shows all of us at one point of our life will experience sensitive skin resulting in itchy, red and sensitive skin.

As it is border-line eczema, it is important to first acknowledge your skin is sensitive and it needs special attention. If these first signs of skin sensitivity is not attended to, a visit to the dermatologist will be imminent. And they usually will prescribe steroid creams which is not a long term solution.


  1. Use harsh face wash including cleansers or scrubs daily
  2. Frequent trips for laser treatments to remove pigments
  3. Acid peels which destroy skin barrier and its water-oil balance
  4. Extreme change in weather or temperature
  5. Dehydrated skin due to hormonal changes including premenopause

What to do with SENSITIVE SKIN?

  • Knowledge
    • Knowledge is key in all aspects of our life including our skin health.
    • Our skin is made of 3 key layers ie epidermal, dermal and hypodermal. The epidermal layer is usually well-balanced with the right amount of water-oil content which protect the nerve endings in the dermal layer from being exposed.
    • However, due to the above reasons, the nerve endings are exposed and tend to be sensitive. In many occasions, the skin becomes red, itchy and sensitive.
  • Habit
    • 3 simple steps of cleanse, tone and moisturize with appropriate Anti-sensitive range. Our favorite is Dr Babor Ultimate Cleanser, Dr Babor Rebalancing Lotion, Babor Skinovage Calming Serum and Babor Skinovage Calming Cream.
    • No more experiementing and mix-match skincare.
    • Remove all irritant from the skin. Otherwise, a visit to the dermatologist is advised.
  • Lifestyle
    • Do not use harsh skincare and expose the skin to frequent aesthetic treatments.
    • Sleep well, drink enough water and eat lots of fruits to ensure healthy immune system.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog. We look forward to creating more content related to skin health for all.

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What everyone should know about sensitive skin1
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