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Sensitive Skincare by Best Facials_Singapore

Sensitive skincare by Best Facials Singapore

Sensitive skincare by Best Facials Singapore

What are the signs of sensitive skin?

Have you experienced this constant tingling and slight itch sensation on your nose bridge, side of cheeks or even chin area? You went to the mirror to check and double check but there was no sign of insect bite. But it does feel abit bumpy or rough. This is a sign of sensitive skin.

Are there more serious sensitive skin conditions?

Yes. Of course. Some of my friends wonder if they will ever grow out of their sensitive skin which can easily become red, itchy or swollen. They become red simply because it is too warm, their skin is exposed to sunlight or after being cleansed.

Why skin becomes sensitive?

In the recent years, with the proliferation of aesthetic doctors and access to Vitamin A peels (retinoic acid) and Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) serums, we noticed many cases of topical sensitivity. Causes?

Persistent laser treatment to get rid of freckles or sunspots and applying too much peeling agents are main reasons.

Our skin consists of 3 main layers ie. epidermal, dermal and hypodermal layer. The skin cells in these layers ideally is constantly in balance as it has a self-regulating mechanism for water-oil balancing. If it is too dehydrated, we have the ability to create hyaluronic acid which is a super-emolient. If it is too dry of oil, our sebum gland will secrete more oil.

However, with the harsh cleanser that we use and the ‘invasive’ treatments that we receive or even the extensive HIT exercise that we do, we throw our skin out-of-balance.

Hence, most sensitive skin clients often also face acne problems. But, we often tell our clients not to be disheartened. If they help to keep a healthier lifestyle including hygiene, sleep at least 7 hours, drink lots of liquid and keep to a balanced diet, we can help with recommending the appropirate skincare routine at home.

What skincare routine will help with sensitive skin?

1. 0 Cleanser

Guinot Hydra Sensitive Cleanser contains chamomile, corn extract and centella which are all deemed as skincare rockstar to help cleanse the face without dehydrating the skin surface area.

Sensitive Skincare by Best Facials Singapore

2.0 Serum

When paired with Guinot Hydra Sensitive Serum, the active ingredients of chamomile, corn extract and centella penetrates deeper into the epidermal layer to help desensitize the skin. With prolonged use, the skin will be less prone to redness and itchiness.

Sensitive Skincare_by Best Facials Singapore

3.o Moisturizer

To complete the skincare routine, on top of the hydra sensitive serum, gently apply hydra senstive cream which also have those active ingredients plus Vitamin E to help protect the skin from external stimuli and further strengthen the skin’s own defences. With prolonged use of these skincare, skin water-oil content will be restored to balance and become less reactive.

Sensitive Skincare by Best Facials_Singapore

As a trained biochemis/chemis and a practising beautician, it is our passion to help our clients match their skincare needs with the right skincare. Sensitive skin is one of the main concerns and it is to our great satisfaction if our facials and skincare routine help to ease our clients’ skin concerns.

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