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Best care for acne-prone skin by Best Facials Singapore

Best care for acne-prone skin by Best Facials Singpoare

Best care for acne-prone skin by Best Facials Singapore

If you are suffering from any form of congestion problems ~ whitehead, blackhead, congestion or recurring blemishes around your chin/cheeks, you are not alone.

Here are a list of questions we often get from our clients:

* What cleanser should I use?

* How to reduce open pores?

* Why use make up remover even if you don’t use make up?

* Reasons for pimple

* Why is my face is always not balanced?

Arrgh……. so many questions, no answer. Frustrating? After facing similar concerns, we would like to highly recommend some simple but yet effective acne-busters. Here are our suggestions:

1) Effective Cleansing

Many acne-prone believe their skin is often too oily and congested, hence need to be scrubed or cleansed with a harsh cleanser. This in fact can cause more problems as skin can be dehydrated, causing the sebum gland to be even more active. It can further cause more congestion leading to more pimples/acne.

To help cleanse effectively, wer recommend to use 2 types of cleanser. A gentle cleansing gel that you can use daily and an enzyme cleanser 3-5 times a day. Enzyme cleanser generally comes in the form of powder. When mixed with a dash of water on the palm, it foams up nicely. In a circular movement, it should be rubbed gently on the face and wash off with water. Babor Enzyme Cleanser solves pimples

Best care for acne-prone skin by Best Facials_Singapore

Use an alcohol-free toner is very important to balance the skin. It is in fact a very important step not to be missed.

2) Sulphur-free Pimple Cream

Many are allergic to sulphur in over-the-counter pimple cream which can cause redness and post-acne scarring. Maria Galland SOS anti-impurity gel and Guinot Pure Balance Cream are our favorite pimple cream.

Maria Galland SOS anti-impurity gel has salicylic acid and glycolic acid which are both anti-bacterial and has the ability to ‘dry up’ acne. Especially for acne which is red, swollen and sometimes filled with pus. These inflamed acne generally need to be ‘concentrated’ with mild acid and gets dried up.

Best care for acne-prone skin by Best_Facials Singapore

Guinot Pure Balance cream on the other hand has sebum-control properties which can be applied on a wider area. These 2 products work well together to help solve our clients’ acne concerns.

Best care for ance-prone skin by_Best Facials Singapore

3) Purifying Mask

Both tips above would have solved most of our clients’ acne concerns. Applying a purifying mask for a 5-10 minutes a couple of times will speed up the healing process. DO take note not keep the mask longer than the prescribed as we aim to balance the skin and not cause any dehydration/sensitivity.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.

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