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Hormones and skin health by Best Facials Singapore

Hormones and Skin health by Best Facials Singapore

Hormones and skin health by Best Facials Singapore

Hormones are part of the endocrine system, an intrinsic body function which can be affected by our lifestyle and eating habits.

Hormones play a  vital part in the way our skin looks and feels. When our hormones are balanced, our skin clears out with no break out and our hair shines. On the contrary, when the hormones changes during our puberty or menopause, our skin becomes more prone to pimples, pigmentation and even finelines.

Most of us think of our male and female hormones ie. testosterone, oestrogen and progesterones when we hear the the word of hormones, but there are other hormones like thyroid which we need to watch out for.

Oestrogen: The female hormone which makes women skin dewy, hydrated, plumped up and youthful. The skin ages as oestrogen drops.

Testosterone: The male hormone which causes oilier, thicker skin and stimulates collagen. Often also cause break out.

What we observe:

During a women’s pre-menopausal and menopause years, they often face skin concerns. Collagen production drops by around 30% after menopause. Skin becomes thinner and more transparent, especially in fairer skin. Blood vessels are also more sluggish, reducing the body’s ability to deliver oxygen and nutrients to dermis layer. This causes skin to appear less radiant.  Pigmented patches become more obvious especially around the cheeks and nose area. If bone density falls and fat pad hardens, the facial framework starts to shrink and causing skin to look less firm.


Aging is only natural. But, having the knowledge on how skin works and how hormones affect our skin, we can cultivate some good lifestyle and eating habits which can help greatly.

1) Keep active

Physically active women (with adequate sun protection) often look 10 – 15 years younger than their actual age. Why? The endorphin and dopamine hormones are like natural morphine. Keeping us happy with a healthy outlook in life. Good social standing and vibrancy in life. A combination of strength, cardio and flexibility workout are important.

2) Eat healthy fats

Essential fats high in omega-3  helps to keep your skin nourished from the inside to counterbalance the drop in oestrogen impacting hydration. This include flax seed, sesame seed, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed, almond, pine nuts, chia seeds and pistachios.

Stay away from bad fats from corn, peanut and sunflower oil which are often found in processed food.

3) Reduce alcohol and coffee

Alcohol causes stress on your liver and imbalances blood sugar levels.

Coffee tends to cause hormones to go imbalance. Always drink a large glass of water after alcohol or coffee to flush it from the body.

4) Trace elements

Ensure you have enough of iodine from seafood or seaweed, Vitamin D from cod liver oil and magnesium from bananas and broccoli which helps to support hundreds of processes in the body and contribute to better sleep.

5) Reduce sugar and empty carbs

Make the choice of eating fruits instead of the sweet desserts. Switch your morning coffee for a green tea. Change your pasta for brown rice or quinoa. After awhile, you tastebuds will prefer the natural taste from food than the overloaded-sugar food.

6) Meditate and breathe from your belly

This is one of the secret to beautiful skin and healthy body.

Breathing well throughout the day helps to send more oxygen to your body and benefits your complexion as much as a good workout. Try inhaling for 5 seconds and followed by exhaling for 5 seconds. Slowly inhale and exhale from the nose, feeling the breath start in the abdomen and up to the head. In the Ayurvedic practice, it passes through 7 chakra starting from your groin, navel, chest, throat, nose, between your brows and top of your head.

7) A good skincare routine

Hydrating serum and cream during the day (Super hydrating serum with emolient like hyaluronic acid or white truffle) and oil serum and cream (dry oil which does not congest skin) during the night are so so important.

Never forget to care for your frownlines, crows feet and neck area.

Monthly facial including occasional peel, BBL light treatment are good options to stimulate skin to regenerate.

8) Laugh heartily and eat with gusto!

70 : 30 rule. Eat healthy 70% of the time and 30% of the time indulge moderately in an occasional drink, coffee or even chocolate.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.

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