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Best Facials Singapore with Maria Galland

Best Facials Singapore with Maria Galland

Best Facials Singapore with Maria Galland

Inspired by the Okinawan residents’s secret to longevity, Angels Dream Spa, home to the Best Facials in Singapore aim to present a well curated range of spa services from facials, body spa, hair and nails treatment to help restore our clients back to health.

7 years ago when we planned for our launch for boutique spa, we were looking for a professional skincare range which will help us deliver the most pampering facial. Not the usual experience. No steaming. No painful extractions. No ordinary masks. And we found Maria Galland.

It is our pleasure to introduce Maria Galland.

Madame Maria Galland, who founded this gem of a brand half a century ago, was a famous dancer with beautiful skin. Many asked her how she remained youthful and what her beauty secrets were. Together with a dermatologist, this successful dancer developed a unique treatment that defined the skin as a ‘mosaic of most diverse needs’. Coupled with her love for dance, she choreographed a set of facial massage which uses the therapists’ kinetic energy to release the active ingredients in the products to heal the skin inch-by-inch.

Best Facials_Singapore with Maria Galland

The much-coveted Masque Modelant was born.

Best Facials Singapore with Maria_Galland

Maria Galland Modelling Mask treatment with the self-warming mask has a deep action effect to help penetrate the precious essences into the skin. The 7 essences are Caviar for anti-wrinkle, Black Orchid for rejuvenating, Malachite for sensitive skin, White truffle for hydrating, Silver for purifying, Gold for radiance and Hyaluronic Acid for eyes. The highly-skilled beautician can choose to apply different essence on different areas of the skin to heal each area and restore the skin to balance.

Coupled with the special facial massage created together with a team physiotherapists, the treatment is designed to have lasting effects. Each face muscle starting from the jawline, chin, masseter muscle to forehead are carefully ‘kneaded and twisted’ in a special way to restore the elasticity of the skin. This is similar to going for a facial gym.

To complete the treatment, the clients at Angels Dream Spa additionally receive an amazing head, shoulder and neck massage using only selected blends of essential oil to restore energy. Our clients get to choose their personalised blend of oils to suit their needs. Results: Plumped up face, void of finelines, defined V-shape jawline, raised apple cheeks with fade laughter lines and the distinctive Angels Glow, our signature.

Call 6433540 to make an appointment. All facials at 30% off 1st trial

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