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Best Facials SIngapore with Babor C Booster

Best Facials Singapore with Babor C Booster


Best Facials Singapore wtih Babor C Booster

Best Facials in Singapore with Babor C Booster

If your skin shows signs of premature aging, such as fine lines, loss of elasticity, dull complexion or pigmentation, you may wish to try Vitamin C serum. It is the most effective multipurpose serum with rock star status.

A stabilized vitamin C serum with anti-sensitive properties such as Babor C Booster has one of the most effective anti-oxidants. It neutralizes free radicals and protects the skin from damaging environmental factors. In addition, it supports your skin’s own collagen production and stimulates cell activity.  It also contains moisture-binding factors which keeps skin supple and hydrated. Babor uses stabilized Vitamin C of L-Ascorbic Acid which has lipophilic properties, so it penetrates more easily deep into the skin.

Babor C Booster also visibly reduce the depth of lines and wrinkles, minimizes hyper-pigmentation. While scavenging and neutralizing free radicals, it protects the skin from damaging environmental factors and oxidative effects.

The illuminating effect achieved with Babor Vitamin C Booster evens out skin tone and makes complexion appear more radiant. To intensify the effects of Babor Vitamin C Booster, kick start it will Best Facials Singapore with Babor Serum.

Angels Dream Spa, home to The Best Facials in Singapore is inspired by the Okinawan residents’ secret to longevity. The Spa aims to be the place to provide top-notch therapeutic Facial in the East Coast of Singapore. Our hospitality starts off with our home brew tea from fresh blooms of Chrysanthemum and organic honey.

This pampering treatment starts off with a point head massage to ease our customers into the comfort of the treatment room. With the soft music playing in the background, and the temperature set to the optimum 25 degrees.

This radiance facial starts off with deep cleansing with Babor HY Cleansing Oil and enzyme peel. The skin is now ready to be infused with Vitamin C. Following that, using yoga-inspired massage technique, focusing on a combination of point massage and firming strokes, we drain the lymph and lift the face. A luxurious comfort mask is then applied on the face.

The mask is then lifted to reveal a smooth, radiant and firm face. Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.


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