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Hatha Yoga for Better Posture

Yoga is a form of spiritual discipline to achieve peace of mind and holistic wellbeing. There are different forms of yoga to achieve this. However, another form of yoga, which has been becoming popular in the West, is practiced to achieve physical, mental, and emotional energy. It is called hatha yoga, a form based on physical postures and control.

These physical postures vary in steps, but relatively follows the same inhale-exhale rhythm. There are so many poses to be practiced. Some of them are as follows:

Yoga Knees to Chest Pose: Lie down with your knees bent. Lift your knees to your chest. Hold your legs using your arms and rock gently. Hold your posture for about 3-5 breaths.

Yoga Bridge Pose: Lie down with your knees bent and feet flat. Lift your hips. Keep your legs parallel to hip width. Interlace your fingers behind your back and pull your shoulder blades together. Hold your posture for 3-5 breaths.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose: Sit with legs extended. Bend your right knee and cross it over your left, placing tour right foot flat. Twist towards your right leg and place your hand on the floor behind your back. Place your left elbow on the outside of your right knee. Make a full twist using your core and elbow while keeping your spine extended. Hold pose for 3-5 breaths. Repeat on the other side.

Child’s Pose: Kneel on the floor with your knees about hip width apart. Lower your chest on your thighs. Lower your head to extend the back of your neck. Open your legs a little until you gain a more comfortable position. Allow your sacrum to relax. To come out of the pose, straighten your spine and, lifting from the lower spine, raise your torso. Hold pose for 3-5 breaths.

These are just some of the many poses you can practice.


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