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Have A Good Hair Day, Everyday!

Admittedly, we cannot always go to the salon for a quick hair fix. And if you think that only women worry about their hair, think again. Men also take a considerable time fixing their hair every morning. Not to mention the regular haircuts they need to keep their hair short and neat.

Bad hair days happen to everyone. Often, our busy schedule do not give us the luxury to make an elaborate hair regimen in the morning. We wake up, get cleaned up and leave the house with wet hair. Air dry is a common thing. But this is one of the culprit that brings bad hair day.

Just imagine leaving the house with wet hair and letting nature dry it for you. Your hair can become unmanageable by the time you get to your destination. For women, this creates that disheveled look. And when it becomes too unruly to handle, it will end up in a bun, ponytailed.

But, there are quick and easy ways to manage a bad hair day from occurring.

1. Find out your hair type.
Do you have long and straight hair? Is it oily, dry or normal? Is your hair curly and dry? When was the last time you apply color to your hair? Knowing the condition of hair will guide you in buying the right products that will be suitable for your hair type. Often, we use the wrong products on our hair and the results can be disheartening.

2. Avoid leaving the house with a wet hair.
Without proper drying your hair, it can end up limp and sticky. Dust, pollution and dirt can easily stick to your wet hair. Take a few minutes to blow dry or air dry your hair at home.

3. Go easy on hair gels, mousse and spray.
Save these items for special occasions and not as everyday use. Not only will it damage your hair, it will leave residue that makes hair heavy and dry.

4. Go for a hair spa at least twice a month.
Every day use of shampoo and hard water can leave mineral deposits on your hair. Applying a clarifying lotion plus a good hair spa treatment can give your hair a breather. A quick home remedy is mixing 1/4 cup of white vinegar with two liters of warm water. Pour it through wet hair, then shampoo.

You can also visit AngelsDreamSpa.com and check out their hair spa treatments and say goodbye to bad hair days.

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