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Quick Fix for Dull Skin by Best Facials Singapore

Quick Fix for Dull Skin by Best Facials Singapore

Quick Fix for Dull Skin by Best Facials Singapore

I took a look at the mirror and got a shock.

It is only Day 15th of Singapore’s Circuit Breaker and my complexion has totally lost its glow. My skin looks uneven with a tinge of yellow undertone.

I jumped out of my home office chair and ran to the washroom for a much needed HOME FACIAL! 

Today, I am going to share with you a 3-step 20 minutes routine that you will love. 

1) Cleanse with Guinot Newhite Brighteing Cleansing Oil/Milk/Foam

If you are using Guinot Cleansing Oil, first spread it evenly on dry skin. Then, wet your fingertips and gently emulsify your skin until oil turns white. During this process, dust, congestion will slowly be removed as our pores allows the cleansing oil into the skin. But not water.

The common mistake most people make is to add the oil and water together in their palms even before spreading it onto the skin. This will not work!

For me, this is the perfect cleanser as it completely removes my sunscreen ~ all in 1 step. No more make up remover needed.

If you choose to use the Guinot Cleansing Milk (for dry to normal skin) or Guinot Cleansing Form (for oil skin), add a little water and go in circular movement around the Tzone and the rest of face. Splash water and pat dry.

2) Tone with Guinot Newhite Brightening Lotion aka Toner 

Now we all love fine skin with no open pores, free from congestion and pimples. Here is the trick! After cleansing, always use toner (on cotton pad) generously on the face. Leave aside all the jargons of pH balancing and shrinking pores, it definitely helps to double cleanse your face. If you look carefully, there is always some ‘dirt’ on the cotton pad. 

Don’t waste this toner, use the same cotton pad and wipe you arms and hands thoroughly. Check it now. Cotton is dark and arms are fair. Right?

3) Simply put on Guinot Newhite Brightening Sheet Mask

In 1 box of Guinot Newhite Brightening Mask, there are 7 individual packs. This sheet mask is generously soaked with brightening serum which helps to brighten up the skin, plump up all the fines lines and help to remove the dull and uneven skin tone.

Put this mask on and lie down for 15 minutes. Put on your favorite music and close your eyes. It is alot more effective when the muscles are relax… After 15 minutes… Ta da! Done 

Face is even skin-toned, much fairer and have an amazing GLOW! Just in under 20 minutes!


It is not possible to step out of the home now.

It is not possible to look for your beauticians now.

But fret not, you can simply log on to www.tngbeauty.com and make an e-appointment with tngbeauty beauty experts. They will take a look at your skin and recommend to you based on your budget what you could do at home. The skincare will be delivered to your doorstep!

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