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Maria Galland Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial Singapore

Maria Galland Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial Singapore

Maria Galland Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial Singapore

Many teenagers suffer silently from pimples and acne.  I fully understand their lack of experience could make them feel lost and resort to trial-and-error. My empathy goes to them as I went through similar experience.  I remember during my formative years as a teenager, I was very self-conscious of my face. My friends and I used to walk through aisles in pharmacy in search of the right anti-pimple products. We bought bags of every imaginable skincare ~ from cleansers, cream, mask, anti-pimple gel to concealers/foundation.

Little did we know, our young tender skin which was congested became worsened by these harsh chemicals in the off-the shelf products. Our skin became more sensitive, dehydrated and remained congested.

My skin was the worst as I was allergic to sulphur. The self-conscious me kept applying these pimple cream and caused my skin to have post-injury marks. To cover up, I applied more BB/CC cream and sometimes foundation. It became a visious cycle as I didn’t know how to remove my make up nor cleanse well.

Help is here! The newly launched Maria Galland Detox Facial is created specially for this reason. Read more to find out about this facial’s detailed protocol. Best Anti-Clogged Pores Facial by Best Facial Singapore

We have since helped many teenagers who went through many hormonal changes during puberty years. As the hormonal changes are constant, we do not believe in extraction as it will only create more inflamation and potentially scarring.

Instead we advise our young clients to come for a facial once in a couple of months and most importantly, equip them with Maria Galland Cleansing Gel, Maria Galland Matiffying Toner, Maria Galland SOS Purifying Serum D-510 and its cream D-710.

Maria Galland Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial_SingaporeMaria Galland Anti-Acne Facial by Best_Facial Singapore

A few items they need to take note:

1) Do not break their pimple

2) Drink 1-2 litres of water

3) Eat lots of fresh fruits and veg

4) Sleep enough

5) Cleanse, Tone and apply the appropriate serum/cream

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.

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