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Beautiful with Brains by Best Facials Singapore

Beautiful with Brains by Best Facials Singapore

Beautiful with Brains by Best Facials Singapore.

Beautiful with Brains, Beautiful with Soul, Beautiful with Brawn. In this series of 3 blogs, I will humbly share with you my experience in pursue to seek balance in life.  As a mother of 3, work-life balance was indeed not an easy task.

Armed with a degree in biochemistry/chemistry and an MBA (major in Finance), I took the plunge from the chemical industry to the glitzy telecoms industry. In my early twenties then, it was quite an eye opener to join multi-national company the likes of Samsung and local operator, Starhub later.

I always knew I would leave my 9-7pm job for my kids. Just then, Almighty threw in the spanner with some domestic help problems and I left my career of 15 years in the industry within 24 hours.

Yes, it was between a rock and a hard place. To be a full-time employee or a full-time mum. Yes. I made the choice when the kids were 18 months, 4 years and 6 years old. Since then, close to 10 Years went by and I never regretted a day of giving up the corporate job.

It was not easy in the beginning.

It felt strange to receive an allowance, not a salary.

It was strange to be in casual clothing, not in heels.

It was strange to perspire at home, not freezing in the company.

I spent the first year as a full-time mother doing everything I didn’t use to have time to do. I learnt yoga, meditation, dancing, cooking, tennis, sewing, painting, investing and beauty. It still didn’t feel right to be homemaker only.

In 2013, 3 years after leaving the corporate world, armed with another accreditation, CIBTAC Beauty Certification from UK, I took the plunge to be a business owner. It has been 5 years and this cozy place, Angels Dream Spa is now filled with ever more warmth, laughter and love from our clients turned friends. Exactly how I imagined it to be. A meeting place where women of similar interests meet to build a support network. And of course to fully soak in the healing energy and luxurious organic products from our specially put together spa treatments.

Beautiful with Brains is you.

This journey becomes easier if you can access to kind people out there who can help you build a new journey. NOW I found out, it is no longer a 2 dimensional journey. NOT an absolute world. You can have the cake and eat it too. TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?

A full-time mother or an full-time employee can start an internet-based business, A full-time mother or a full-time employee can also learn to invest in properties and shares.

Knowledge is the key. Resource is the key. Here are a few of my close contacts which I hope one day will be useful to you. Good luck with your journey too.

www.internetentrepreneurcollege.com : To learn all about internet-based business, social media marketing or simply to have someone set up your website (Contact Tan Liong Hai, 98590581)

www.caribbean-capital.com : Accountant cum tax manager (Tay Shika, 81572351)

Lastly for investing in properties and shares (including options trading), you can write to my husband who helps out my friends on pro-bono basis. chopsam.tan@gmail.com (Chop Sam, 93826164)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.


Beautiful with Brains by Best Facials_Singapore


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