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'No Botox, what skincare' by Best Facials Singapore

“No BOTOX, what skincare then?” by Best Facials Singapore

“No BOTOX, what skincare then?” by Best Facials Singapore

Botox – a purified derivative of Botulimum Toxin A, made from a bacterium, some termed it as a deadly poison.

What are the side effects of Botox?

Few years back, we would not have known the long term side effects of Botox. Reason: Then, we only met few BOTOX frequent users in person as it  was not common for general public to access to plastic surgeons. Hence, this substance was limited to celebrities and socialites.

Fast forward a few years, now with many General Practitioners turned Aesthetic Doctors, many women can access to such treatments at a fraction of the price compared to before.

In the past year, we observed many BOTOX users who found themselves having difficulty in smiling or expressing themselves to say the least. More seriously, we found them in a downward spiral as their ‘non-Botox” facial muscle loses its ability to support itself whist ‘Botox muscles’ stiffen. Resulting in continuous aesthetic treatment. Many in fact suffers from symptoms including droopy eyelids and crooked smile just to name a few.

Our conclusion: Do not start aesthetic treatment but consider a more natural way to maintaining your skincare routine. The 3 pillars of Angels Dream Spa, home to the best facials in Singapore includes

* Daily skincare routine

* Facial yoga and mindfulness facial massage

* Monthly maintenance facial

We have tried a few skincare and here are our suggestions if you wish to erase fine-lines with the appropriate skincare. Dr Babor and Filorga, 2 trusted brands with more than 50 years of experience have created anti-wrinkle and lifting skincare for our anti-aging concerns. Minus the side effects.

Here are our top picks:

Dr Babor BTX-Lift Serum (Active Ingredient: Botox-like plant based peptide)

Well, you must be thinking we are a fickle-minded bunch. On one hand, we don’t think it is healthy to have injectible Botox made of Botulin. And now, we are suggesting to try a Botox-like plant based serum.

Reason: This plant based serum is made of peptide which helps reduce appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, laughter line and lines around the neck area. It also has Hyaluronic Acid which provides long lasting moisturizing effects as Hyaluronic Acid hold 1000 times in weight in water. This super emolient plumps up the skin cells and furhter smoothens our lines.

Filorga Re-Time (Active Ingredient: Vitamin A)

We tried and we loved it. We used it and we loved it even more.

Vitamin A, as we all know is the rockstar of skincare but it is also notorious for causing sensitivity. The Filorga Re-Time serum gives us all the benefits of Vitamin A aka Retinol. It helps to promote healthy skin regeneration, smoothen lines, reduce pigmentation. All resulting in youthful looking skin.

Filorga Skin perfusion range is infused with Hyaluronic Acid and NCTF, a cocktail of 56 amino acids as special ingredients.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa. Read more on Lasting Beauty by Best Facials Singapore and Look Great at 40 with Best Facials Singapore.

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