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How to be happy by yourself by Best Facials_Singapore

How To Be Happy By Yourself by Best Facials Singapore

How to be happy BY yourself?

Since young, I loved to read but in my growing up years I could not access to much reading materials. You must be wondering which era I grew up in and where? Yes, it was before there was any computer, not to mention handheld or wireless devices.

I remembered vividly collecting unwanted magazines and old newspapers and treasured them so much. I read and re-read them, admiring the cosmetics ads to the glossy cover pages. I copied editorials and news articles into homemade notebooks made from recycled mahjong paper to build up my vocabulary. Lady luck was on my side as I also found 2 old dictionaries amongst the ‘loot’.

Going through the material and absorbing the information like a sponge ~ totally oblivious to the clattering of the mahjong tiles at home, the ladle clanking against the Chinese wok in the kitchen or my siblings running around me.

I have developed more hobbies from charcoal drawing, watercolor painting, quilting, embroidery to tennis, swimming, yoga, dance etc. etc.. in this bubble! I day dreamed alot ~ to be a teacher, to be doctor and a business owner. 40 years on, after working in the corporate, am now a mother of 3 beautiful girls and own a beauty salon. Enjoying being a hands-on beautician who promote natural healing including facial yoga and massage with skincare at home.

Since then, I realized I have the ability to be HAPPY BY MYSELF ~ constantly learning, be immersive and maximize my potential and hopefully these skills can be used to help another person. Perfectly HAPPY with the moment, with the NOW.

The same feeling as I am having NOW ~ with Yiruma playing my favorite piano pieces in the background, birds singing at the window for hours now and breeze gently blowing at my face. I feel at ease knowing the kids are busy with their home-based-learning, husband on conference call and my mum on mask.

Today is Day 3 of the circuit breaker in Singapore and am so appreciative of this chance to have the time to spend TIME WITH MYSELF. It has been 7 years since Angels Dream Spa was launched and everyday had been a hectic day ~ between home and work. NOW, in solidarity, am more than happy to work corporate as a Singapore citizen to keep this virus at bay and break this cycle effectively. My prayers go out to everyone who is not well and all the healthcare workers/frontliners. May we learn from this and be respectful of Nature and be united with our Source again.

Highly recommend you to pick up an audiobook from my idols Dalai Lama, Eckhart Tolle, Confucious, Deepak Chopra, Robin Sharma, Warren Buffet, Charlie Munger and follow some of my favorite workout gurus on youtube including Chloe Ting and Boho Yoga to keep you fit and emerge stronger from this isolation.

And yes, do consider learning a new skill during this period. Maybe start with a reading list,  to-do-list? and/or a goal-list? Write it on paper and even if you achieve 50% of it, it is always more than otherwise.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.

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