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Facial yoga for lifted apple cheeks by Best Facials_Singapore

Facial yoga for lifted apple cheeks by Best Facials Singapore

Facial yoga for lifted apple cheeks by Best Facials Singapore

I have tried to learn facial yoga for years and finally I found a few facial yoga poses which work! There are 43 miniscule muscles which help to support all our facial expressions from our smile, frown, squint, laughter to crying/yawning.

Similar to workout poses which has the ability to target specific muscles on our body like the abs, gluts, arms, inner thighs or even love handles, so does facial yoga! Facial yoga lingo could be slightly different but you will be happy you’ve started on this journey!

Below facial yoga pose: “Tongue Teaser’ helps to prevent the skin from losing its elasticity due to the effects of aging which tend to cause the fat pad to shrink below the cheeks.  There are a few variations to this pose which include the pose Koko’s facial yoga below.

Remember to do this exercise in front on the mirror with eyes WIDE open. Check that the brows are not raised as you do not want to have frownlines or crows’ feet or a wrinkly nose while you are doing this.

Let’s understand a little about the science behind what we are doing.

The muscles we will be strengthening today is the Zygomatic. To ensure this exercise is more effective, do remember to use mind-muscle connection with the focus on these few muscles.

Facial yoga for lifted apple cheeks_by Best Facials Singapore

The benefits of this facial yoga pose also include eradicating hollow eye area, mid cheek line, bulldog sides and laughter lines. Sounds horrid isn’t it? So many unpleasant terms for such a small area called the face!

When this is done with eyes wide open (without blinking), it also strengthens the oculi eye muscles which prevent hooded eye lids, crows feet and even puffy eyes….

Always check that the eyebrows are not lifted to prevent frownlines and uneven forehead. You may also notice that one side of your cheeks’ muscles is weaker than the other. In that case, do more sets on the that side with the tongue stretched towards that side.

If you have done it correctly, you should feel fatigue on your cheeks after 5 minutes. Carry on doing whenever you remember to. If you are outside in public (when you can’t do this discreetly), you can simply smile showing with the corners of the mouth lifted without stretching your tongue.

Happy practising!

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Facial yoga for lifted apple_cheeks by Best Facials Singapore





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