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Best Facials Singapore with Babor Stop Stress

Best Facials Singapore with Babor Stop Stress

You must be wondering why would the skin be stressed? Is the stress on the skin same as what we go through in general?

Stress in general occurs when we are constantly running in the emergency mode or what we deem as ‘fight or flight’ mode. This happens when we much on our mind and over-stretched ourselves on all fronts. Of course it doesn’t help with world’s pace at breaking neck, further accelerated by technology advancement with high-speed fibre, wifi and mobility.

This stress hence contributes to the health of our skin. It often causes certain symptoms including eczema with sensitivity and redness, water and oil imbalance ~ oily skin which is severely dehydrated and dull skin.

Yes. Meditation which slows down the breath definitely helps to balance the body physiological conditions and help to restore skin health.

Next most effective will be to use Babor Ampoules. Within seconds, high-dose natural active ingredients ensure immediately visible results and provide skincare that is tailored to the needs of every skin type.

The use of glass ampoules was inspired by medicine, and over 50 years ago ampoules were a revolutionary idea.

Stop Stress Fluid is an active, de-stressing concentrate. skin becomes less sensitive and has a calmer and more even and relaxed appearance. It has high-dose of wild indigo extract which helps to relieve skin irritations and stress-related redness. The skin’s protective barrier is strengthened with enhanced resistance.

Best Facials Singapore with_Babor Stop Stress

Last year, Stress-Relief Bi-Phase Ampoule, a more potent with Hydracyl, a desensitizing active complex and black current seed oil was launched.

Best Facials Singapore with Babor Stop Stress

In our The Best¬†Facials in Singapore for Sensitive Skin treatment, these 2 ampoules are used after deep cleansing before point massage and mask. It is targeted to help restore the skin’s immune system, equilibrium and resilience.

Angels Dream Spa, home to The Best Facials in Singapore would love to invite those of you have these all-too familiar symptoms to try having your skin repaired and restored. As a long term solution to break the itch-scratch cycle, we will also suggest and prescribe you with some home-care skincare. This will help to help build the skin, our first barrier to infection and biggest organ in our body.

Take advantage of our Buy1, Get 1 Free Facial, call 62433540 for an appointment. More info at www.angelsdreamspa.com

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.

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