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Why we love Maria Galland No. 5_Cream by Best Facials Singapore

Why we love Maria Galland No. 5 Cream by Best Facials Singapore

Why we love Maria Galland No. 5 Cream by Best Facials Singapore

Madamme Maria Galland, a Parisian dancer and beautician has an avant garde vision of preserving youthful beauty through her firm belief of kinetic movement ~ moving energy of the finest ingredients through skillful beauticians’ caring hands is the key to rejuvenate the skin.

Since 1962, the classic No. 5 Maria Galland Rejuvenating Cream has become the flagship anti-aging cream launched into the market and remain as a standout product.

We take pride in reviewing this classic beauty and share our experience with this silky smooth butter cream suited for night care for dry to very dry skin with you.

Here are 5 reasons why we believe you should get a jar for yourself.

1. If you are a frequent traveller who spend much time in dry cabin air and extreme cold/hot weather

2. If you have subjected yourself to occasional laser or chemical peel to treat pigmentation

3. If you are suffering from hormonal pigmentation

4. If you have fine-lines on your forehead and lack of glow due to constant dehydration

5. If you are into rich cream like Lamer cream for its healing properties but found that the cream is just getting too expensive

This rockstar product, named after style icon, Coco Chanel formulated with 5 active ingredients including beeswax to prevent moisture loss, hazelnut oil to smooth the skin and improve elasticity, soy phytosterols for their powerful regenerating benefits and Vitamin A, B6 to soothe and promote new cells is simply healing.

Its light ‘butter cream’ texture warms lightly when rubbed between our fingers. Next, we apply this silky smooth beauty upwards following the contour of our neck and face, followed by forehead and around the eyes. As my skintype is dry, I massage the cream lightly around my cheekbones, forehead and neck to smooth away the fine-lines. Next, I work on a few big muscles around the laughter line and ensure the cheekbones are lifted. Not to forget the corner of the eyes.

Please be forwarn that you might feel your skin is slightly oilier than usual. To ensure you don’t feel disturbed by this feeling, apply this cream right before you step into bed. Once you get used to this routine, you’ll never want to put on any other cream as the ‘morning after glow’ will be non-comparable.

I give Maria Galland No. 5 Cream 2 thumbs up. Love also No. 5B and 5A Plus which are variations of this classic beauty. Love Love Love this formula Madamme Maria Galland has created for our lasting youth. Thank you Madamme.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.


Why we love Maria Galland No. 5 Cream by Best Facials Singapore


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