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Fun ideas in the open air by Best Facials Singapore

Fun ideas in the open air by Best Facials Singapore

Fun ideas in the open air by Best Facials Singapore

If you are wondering what you could do to keep your immunity up while avoiding the crowd, here are some fun ideas that may wish to consider. Am sure it will keep us fitter, stronger and more youthful too!

Imagine having the blue blue sky, greenery and chirping of birds as your companion while you’re sweating it out.

1) High intensity training aka HIT

Dr. David Sinclair, author of ‘Lifespan on Why We Age And Why We Don’t Have To’ shared with us 3 big ideas on how to keep our body at optimum condition for cell renewal. ¬†In his research, he discovered NAD (Nicotinamide adeline dinucleotide) which slows down aging. And here are some ways to increase the production of NAD in our body naturally.

His ideas surround the fact that the body should not be left to be ‘lazy’ and ‘complacent’. It should experience some discomfort to ‘jolt’ it to create more of NAD to reverse aging and keep our cell regeneration at its optimum.

a) HIT, high intensity training

If you have tried some of the programs in your local gym with a trainer, you must be familiar with doing burpies, squats, push ups, planks etc etc..The rotational high intensity training which is prescribed for a minute or 45 seconds with 6 seconds interval is excellent to wake up your body.

And guess what, all you need is a mat and you can do them outdoor. Either with your trainer or with an online app.

b) Intermittent fasting

Along the same philosophy of HIT, intermittent fasting of 16 hours between dinner and next meal (aka brunch) is supposed to really help the body to ‘take a rest’ from having to digest food and go ‘slightly hungry’. This is believed to help NAD production too.

c) Sauna and cold soak

Extreme heat and cold in a short duration of time will also cause the body to work ¬†harder. This is in line with Dr. Sinclair’s thinking of anti-aging.

2) Zumba, Yoga, Tai Chi, Running and Tennis

This month, as a responsible citizen, am also trying to minimize contact with other people. Hence, besides HIT, am also doing my zumba, yoga, tai chi, running and tennis in the open. And guess what, am enjoying every bit of it. Felt so refreshed and positive.

It all starts with EXERCISE as the endorphin is the first trigger point to balance our mood….and if we do that in the morning, the rest of the day will flow smoothly. Our mind will be become quiet and still. Our thoughts will be good ones.

Again, am sending all my good thoughts to the universe, speaking to them to have mercy on the human kind. After this episode, am sure we will pledge to join hands in sustainable food source.

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