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Meditaiton good for acne:blemished:clogged pores

Meditation good for acne/blemished/clogged pores

Meditation good for acne/blemished/clogged pores.

If you are anything like I used to be, you will immediately ‘shut down’ on this notion. A couple of years ago, when someone start talking to me about the benefits of yoga and meditation, I would immediately stop listening. As a type A personality working in the fast-paced telecommunications industry, multi-tasking and speed is everything.

I as a runner, tennis player, swimmer and crazy efficient multi-taske. Deep breathing and stretching are definitely not my go-to daily workout. Meditation is extremely important to balance hormones, which is the main reason we have over-active sebum glands or out of control melanocytes which cause melasma.

According to Dr Herbert Benson at Harvard Medical School, relaxation techniques including yoga, tai chi, repetitive prayer, focused breathing can help turn on genes which are anti-inflammatory. And we all know reduced overall inflammation is good for overall health and calm the skin.

Here are 3 meditation techniques that can be done anywhere, anytime …

1) Deep breathing

Sit comfortably on a chair or floor. Close your eyes and make sure your body is relaxed. Progressively release tension in your neck, arms, legs, back. Inhale through your nose for as long as you, feeling your abdomen rise as your stomach moves outward and your diaphragm moves downward. Slowly exhale to a count of twenty, pushing every breath of air from your lungs. Continue for 5 rounds of deep breaths.

2) Visualization

Imagine you place all your worries and concerns in your hands. Open your hands and you see your problems being released from your hands.

Imagine you place all your worries and concerns on an altar. Kneeling down and earnestly say a silent pray and leave your problems in good hands.

Imagine you leave all your problems in a neatly placed box outside the door of your home. Dust your feet at the doormat and walk into the home, leaving all your worries outside.

3) Healing blue light

Imagine a gentle blue ray of light entering your body from the top of your head. Gently going through your body, healing and repairing each part of your body (staying longer where you need the most healing) and leave with negative energy from the sole of your feet back to the center of the earth.

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