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“How to prevent pigmentation?” by Best Facials Singapore

“How to prevent pigments?’ by Best Facials Singapore

What causes pigmentation and how do we treat them with simple yet effective skincare and facial?

In Singapore, we are especially susceptible to over exposure to the sun especially from outdoor games including golf, tennis, swimming and sea sports.

Let’s start with understanding how skin reacts with sun exposure.

Our skin is made of 3 main layers: Epidermis, Dermis and Hypodermis.

At the base of epidermis, melanocytes resembling star shaped cells are interspersed amongst keratinocytes.
When UV rays trigger the formation of melanin in the melanocytes, it gets transported as melanosomes through its dendrites to the keratinocytes (near to the skin surface) to protect our DNA from being destroyed by the sun.

How do we prevent or treat pigmentation?

  • Avoid direct sun between 10am to 6pm
  • Use sun protection daily
  • Wear caps, hats, masks, long suites (for golfers, sea sports lovers, tennis players)
  • If you use laser treatment, please avoid sun exposure for at least 1 month
  • Do not start any laser or chemical peel treatment, unless there is a proper program on how to manage the skin with proper care. Here are some skincare tips for post-laser treatment.
  • Use Hyaluronic Acid serum in the day and appropriate essential oil at night to balance water and oil content. Once the skin is balanced, hyperpigmentation due to hormonal changes can be avoided.

Many ladies do not use enough skin care and hence skin is very dehydrated. This cause the skin to over-react with hyper-pigmentation. Read more on How to have beautiful skin when you live in tropical countries.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.


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