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Why are we Home to The Best Facials in Singapore?

Why are we Home to the Best Facials in Singapore?

Why are we Home to the Best Facials in Singapore?

You must have been to quite a few facials but mostly what you experienced was deep cleansing. Not necessary a total program to keep your skin healthy from the inside and a long term plan to halt your aging process.

Today, I would like to share with you our beauty philosophy and more importantly knowledge at Angels Dream Spa.

As a Biochemist/chemist turned beautician, we believe our work involves a strong ability to analyze, diagnose, prescribe the right facial treatments for our clients.

We must be able to solve the clients current skin problems and ‘look into the next 5 years’. We do not stop at solving the current problem but more importantly to slow down the aging process going forward. In summary, what starts in the treatment room is the beginning of a journey. This is the secret to the beautiful clients’ amazing skin leading to their endorsements of our brand.

Come, let’s see which category your skin belong to and how we can help you look your best now and into the future.

1) Dehydrated skin with lower collagen, potential for pigmentation and wrinkles

Usually in fairer skin clients including Chinese and Caucasian. Mainly due to genetics and diet, the skin tends to age with more fine lines, freckles/sun spots and lack of firmness. The skin however is blessed with fine pores, smooth and can look radiant if well hydrated.

Solution: Once a month facial with focus on Hydration, Lightening and Lifting Treatments. Our beautician will ensure the peel does not further thin out the skin but focus on using Babor Ampoule, Maria Galland Essence or Filorga/Guinot Serum to help heal the current problems and teach the clients to care at home to strengthen the skin with the right skincare.

2) Oily, congested skin with occasional break out on the chin, forehead or nose area

Usually in younger skin going through hormonal changes or stressed out individuals lacking sleep. Also in women going through pre-menopause. Oily skin generally have less pigments and finelines.

Solution: Once a month facial with focus on Hydration and Oil control. A good extraction and anti-bacterial treatment is important. A stronger peel works as a good antiseptic deeper into the skin layer. Clients will be advised to use a 3 step cleansing process and alternate matifying/hdyrating day and night skincare. Oil control serum is important for day and night before cream.

3) Oily inside, dehydrated outside and dull complexionoverall. Often uneven skin tone and dark eye circles.

Usually in Indian skin.

Yes.Your oily skin can be severely dehydrated. Hence, the overall dull complexion and even dark eye circles. Mainly due to genetics and diet. Also, due to the lack of complete skincare routine including Cleanse, tone, serum, moisturize and sun protection.

Balance is the key. Go all out to hydrate the skin with Hyaluronic Acid Serum and Hyaluronic Cream. Where there is congestion, use an oil-control serum and cream. Monthly facials will also be all about balancing oil and water content.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.




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