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Beauty Trends To Watch This Year

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. While this statement can hold some truth, we can’t deny the fact that beauty is also a matter of timeliness, trend and popularity. There are things worth keeping as part of our beauty routine, but there are also things we need to change.


So here’s a quick startup of the beauty trends we expect to see this year to help you check out the latest in beauty and skin care.


All Natural Products

Organic and natural products top the list. The market for all-natural, chemical-free products expanded greatly in 2014 to meet consumer demands for alternative ingredients. Whether these are food, beauty products and even apparels, consumers are well-versed and inclined to go natural. Not only because they are becoming environmentally-conscious, they are also realizing the need to adapt a healthier lifestyle to promote a holistic and sustainable lifestyle.


Hair Braids Make A Comeback

Come to think of it, did they ever go away? It’s just that braids will dominate most hairstyles this year. Lucky for those who have longer locks, it will be a quick and easy hairdo for any occasion. But hair braid extensions are easy to find so short haired ladies need not sulk.


Skincare Makeups

We see make makeup brands promoting long-wear beauty products packed with essential vitamins and minerals to help wearers get a better, younger and smoother skin. Concealers with anti-oxidants, foundations with rejuvenating minerals  are just the beginning of a new  makeup line.


The Nude Face

This is arguably one of the difficult makeup style to master. Others call it the ‘no –makeup makeup’. The style hints on enhancing the natural beauty.  Instead of hiding behind heavy makeup, one can use light makeup to hide dark circles under the eyes and focus on other facial features.


Coconut Oil

Known as the tree of life, the coconut produces a variety of health and beauty products. The most potent of which is the coconut oil. Rich in essential fatty and amino acids, coconut oil is an essential ingredient of makeup removers and hair masks. This year, we can see more coconut oil-based products in beauty stores.


Pink Lips For Everyone

Bright red has become a staple in runways and fashion circles, but this year, pink will make a statement. This complements the nude face style because pink gives that hint of color to lips. Do not feel awkward because there’s a whole line of pink shades to suit every skin color and lip type.


Dewy Skin

Who doesn’t want to look young and fresh all day long? There are moisturizers and facial lotions that will keep your skin look fresh and dewy without the oily and greasy feeling. However, the ultimate secret to fresh looking skin is taking care of your inner health in order to create that outer glow. Topical solutions are just add-ons.


As you make an inventory of your vanity kit, keep this list in mind and start completing your line up of beauty products this year.

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