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Beautiful with Soul by Best Facials Singapore

Beautiful with Soul by Best Facials Singapore

We are inspired to share with you a 3-part blog series: Beautiful with Brain, Beautiful with Soul and Beautiful with Brawn, which may not seem to be related to facials, spas or even skincare. But, for Angels Dream Spa, a healthy mind, soul and body is the foundation of one’s well being and naturally one will glow from within if we use some of the tools prescribed in the blogs to keep the Balance.

In the previous blog, Beautiful with Brains by Best Facials Singapore, we highlighted how a healthy body is a result of a lifestyle with mental stimulation and strong sense of purpose. Ultimately, regardless of our age, it is important to feel positive and happy when we get up each morning. As everyone’s dream is different, hence, we need to build our dream by listening to the voice from within. Take baby steps each day to hone our skills and build our dream one block at a time.

In this blog, Beautiful with Soul, I would like to share with you my experience on how paying attention to this voice from within helps me find myself.

The simple way to being inspired and find the answer to all that you are seeking for is NOW.

According to Echart Tolle, when we focus on the NOW, the only time we really have control over (Not the past, not the future), we are actually in connection with the SOURCE.

Pay attention to every action that we take, no matter how mundane it may seem. This include simple chores like waiting for the lift, washing dishes, tying your shoelaces etc…When we are focused on the activity intently, ‘the noise in the brain’ can’t interrupt with ‘our inspiration’.

There are some tools which I use to

Meditation or Prayers are tools of accessing the NOW. My favorite Meditations, I learnt from Dalai Lama.

1. Healing Light Meditation

Some of you may have enjoyed this meditation on our facial bed. This Meditation of Healing Light helps to replenish positive energy and to remove negative energy. In essence, imagine a light-blue light gently into your body through the top of your head. Gently moving along from top to toe. Good healing energy stays within the body and negative energy leaves the body through the sole of your feet towards the center of earth.

2. Compassion Meditation

Yes. Compassion Meditation is also my favorite meditation. Imagine channelling all your positive energy, blessing and love to your family and friends, here and abroad. Also, your colleagues, acquaintances and anyone you’ve met along the corridor/street. After you are more acquainted to this meditation, you exchange your blessings for their sufferings. This meditation can be quite strong and you may feel saddened for the moment. If you feel that way, it means you are doing the right way.

3. Meditation on Death

I believe one knows how to live only if we know about mortality. Whilst meditation on death may sound morbid, it definitely helps to keep us in perspective. We will feel more grateful to all that we have and enjoy what we already have instead of constantly chase after new desire.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.


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