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'What every young person should know' by Best Facials Singapore

‘What every young person should know’ by Best Facials Singapore

‘What every young person should know’ by Best Facials Singapore

As a mother of 3 teenagers myself, I have much empathy for youth who are suffering from pimples and acnes. If there is only 1 information I can let the youth know about skincare, this is it.

Practise Good Personal Hygiene and Sun protection

You must be thinking these are ideal but difficult to have the rebellious youth to adopt. Yes. That is the reason why pimples continue to plague the youth and freckles/sun spots are common concerns later in life.

Much of skin damage including acne scars and pigmentation can be avoided if they are oriented to keep a simple skincare routine of 1, 2, 3. Cleanse, Moisturize and Sun screen.

First, let’s understand what causes whitehead, blackhead which might lead to pimples and acnes. As with all puberty teenagers, overactive sebum glands due to hormonal changes are the main reasons for congestion. The build up of dead skin cells and bacteria in the pores occur mostly on T zone areas and sometimes on the cheeks. The key to staying clear of congestion is to keep the pores clean and oxygenated. This will help prevent bacteria from causing inflammation which leads to pimples.

Solution 1: Cleanse with a proper cleanser

Depending on the seriousness of the imbalance skin, an appropriate cleanser should be used. The simplest will be cleansing gel which foams up.

After cleansing, ideally the young one could use a toner on cotton (without alcohol) to balance the pH and further shrink the pores. Followed by a mattifying cream. Yes, it must be new to many consumers but there is a range of anti-blemish moisturizer which helps to mattify the skin and reduce oil, whilst keeping the skin hydrated.

Read more on Cleanser which helps keep acne away: Babor Enzyme Cleanser solves pimples by Best Facials Singapore

Solution 2: Use a non-sulphur pimple cream

I still remember how my skin became red and inflamed with overuse of sulphur-laden pimple cream. Strongly suggest my young clients not to pick on their pimples but to use a purifying anti-bacterial pimple cream which helps to dry pimple up without causing a burning sensation. In good quality pimple cream, anti-irritation ingredients are added to calm the skin whilst the pimple is being dried by and absorbed.

Our top pick: Maria Galland D510 SOS Pimple Cream. Read more about our selection on pimple creams here: Reasons for pimples by Best Facials Singapore

Solution 3: Always wear a sunscreen 

Wearing a face sunscreen 1 hour before outdoor activities is important to prevent sunburn which leads to hyperpigmentation years later. Ideally, outdoor activities should be limited to before noon and after 5pm.

Our top pick: Guinot Newhite SPF50 sunscreen

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.


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