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Best Facials Singapore with Babor

Best Facials Singapore with Babor

Best Facials Singapore with Babor

Babor. What comes to mind when the name Babor gets mentioned. In the skincare industry, Babor is synonymous with its star product, Ampoule. Yes, those tiny vials which contain precious natural elixir to help heal every skincare condition from dehydrated, dull, sensitive, congested. blemished to aging skin.

It may sound too good to be true. These beauty vials contain high-end liposome encapsulating Babor Fluids which is 98% organic and gets absorbed extremely quickly ~ 8 times faster than a moisturizer. In the next few blogs, we will focus on the various ampoules and how it is used to heal different condition. Here we wish to bring you through the preparation of the facial and the effects we are looking for.

All the jargons aside, lets dive into how Angels Dream Spa, The Best Facials In Singapore incorporate these wonderful products into our Signature Facials to help you achieve healthy, balanced skin.

Our Signature ~ Babor Oxygenation Ampoule Facial is the most relaxing, pampering yet healing treatment for the city dwellers in Singapore.

1) Welcome Move

At Angels Dream Spa, to put the customers at the most calm and peaceful state of mind, we care for fine detail starting from the very beginning. A warm brew of chrysanthemum, wolfberry and longan tea ~ known to be a traditional brew to help rebalance ‘chi’ and strengthen internal health greets our VIP. In the room, a welcome massage focusing on stress points including forehead, temple, between the eyes and neck immediately ease our customers tension. Soothed by the relaxing music streaming into the room and lavendar essential oil in the burner, 99% of our clients fall into deep slumber.

2) Deep cleansing with Babor HY Oil and Phytoactive

A good beautician understands how important the preparation work of a clean face is for a successful and effective treatment. First we spread a layer of Babor HY Oil all over the decollete, neck and face area. Next, we use the customized Phytoactive gel to emulsify the HY Oil to thoroughly bring out the impurities from the epidermal layer. Washed off and pat dry.

Best Facials Singapore_with Babor

3) Enzyme Peel to remove congestion and dull skin

Next, into a small bowl we mix Babor Enzyme peel with some water and spread it evenly on the skin. To ensure the enzyme remains active, a piece of warm towel is placed lightly on the skin for 5 mins. Gently cleanse away the peel to reveal skin which is thoroughly cleansed at the pore level.

Best Facials Singapore with_Babor

4) Oxygenation with Customized Ampoule

Depending on the skin type and beauty target, the experienced beautician selects the right ampoule to be applied onto the skin. Within seconds, the ampoule is fully absorbed. Ready to be oxygenated with a Oxygen solution to further close the pores and brighten up the skin.

The selection of Babor Ampoule is big including Babor Purifying Ampoule, Babor Stop Stress Ampoule, Babor Hydra Plus Ampoule, Babor Oxygen Ampoule, Babor 3D Lift Ampoule, Babor Collagen Ampoule, Babor Matt Finish Ampoule, Babor Algae Ampoule, Dr Babor Bi Phase Glow Ampoule, Dr Babor Bi-Phase Youth Ampoule, Dr Babor Bi-Phase Stress Relief Ampoule.

Best Facials Singapore__with Babor

4) Complete with Babor Comfort Mask and Lactic Acid Mask

After Our Signature Point Facial Massage or Lifting Facial massage, we spread a layer of the luxurious Babor Comfort Mask to seal in all the goodness of the Babor Ampoule.

This completes our Best Facials in Singapore using Babor treatment.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore – Angels Dream Spa.

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