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Guinot Facial to Reduce Tan by Best Facials_Singapore

Guinot Facial to Reduce Tan by Best Facials Singapore

Guinot Facial to Reduce Tan by Best Facials Singapore

Is Guinot Hydra Peeling Facial safe? Will it cause sensitivity? Will it help with pigmentation, congestion and blemishes? How does it compare with laser treatment, chemical peel or Retin-A topical cream application for pigmentation treatment?

Yes. This gentle treatment has helped many of my clients who suffer from pigmentation including sun spots. melasma, freckles and congestion enjoy clearer and brighter skin.

Here is the detailed review of our Guinot Hydra Peeling Facial.

There are 2 sets of treatment. One targeted at pigmented skin and the other at congested skin. The main differentiator of the the treatments is in step 1 which is the exfoliator.

For pigmented skin, the exfoliator is phytic acid which helps to gently break the inter-cellular bonds of the keratinized skin. This prepares the skin natural regeneration mechanism to take over and help disperse and absorb excessive melanin.

As Guinot Hydra Peeling treatment philosophy focuses on BALANCE. After forcing the skin to ‘shed’ gently,  a complete care of regenerating cream filled with deep cell regeneration ingredients sooth and nourish the skin. This is very important as Brightening treatment should really be about hydrating, nourishing as much as peel.

The results after the mask is removed is radiant, brightened complexion with reduced appearance of dark spots and younger-looking skin.

The recommended treatment is weekly treatment for 3 weeks for brightening results or weekly intensive treatment for 6 weeks followed by 1 Hydradermie Hydrating Facial for 1 week for Anti-dark spot results.

For congested skin, the exfoliator uses natural cellulose and papaya enzyme to exfoliate the skin in Step 1. The fine kernels in this peel in a gel like consistency helps to gently remove the congestion (which is usually very dense on forehead, chin and even cheeks area).

Just like the treatment for pigmented skin, the skin is balanced with a nourishing and hydrating massage cream followed by a customized mask. Once completed, skin looks calm, smooth and radiant.

Guinot Facial to Reduce Tan by Best Facials Singapore




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