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Best facial for acne by Best Facials Singapore

Best facial for acne by Best Facials Singapore

Best facial for acne by Best Facials Singapore

I remember during my formative years as a teenager, I was very self conscious of my face. My friends and I used to walk through aisles in pharmacies in search of anti-pimple products. We brought bags of every imaginable skin care ~ from cleansers, cream, mask, anti-pimple cream to concealers/foundations.

Little did we know, our young tender skin which was congested became worsened by these harsh chemicals in the off-the-shelf products. Our skin became red sensitive, dehydrated and remained congested. My skin was the worst as I was allergic to sulphur in the anti-pimple creams. They ‘burned’ and left marks on my skin.

Today, I have lots of empathy for teenagers and ladies who are experiencing hormonal changes, quietly suffering from blemishes and post-acne scars. Lost their confidence and hide their post-pimple scars with BB and CC creams. Only to have more acne as the pores are congested.

Let’s start to understand what whiteheads, blackheads and pimples are and arrest the problem.

Best facial for acne by Best Facials_Singapore

YES. Whiteheads, also known as closed comedones, are a mild form of pimple which look like small white bumps on the skin.

They are similar to blackheads, in that they are caused by build up of oil, dead cells and bacteria in the pores and occur most frequently on T zone. For puberty kids, it often start on the forehead and ‘spread’ to nose and cheeks.

The key to staying clear of whitehead, blackhead, pimple and acne is to keep the pores clean and balance (water and oil). Read more on Why Toner? by Best Facials Singapore

At Angels Dream Spa, home to the Best Facials Singapore has designed a few facials just to handle this. One of our most popular Anti-Acne Facial is the Babor Purifying Ampoule Facial.

Best facial for acne by Best_Facials Singapore

Step 1: Babor Enzyme Cleanser

Deep cleansing is the first step to preparing the skin for any facial treatment. Today, we will use Babor Enzyme cleanser, a bio-active skin-refining and whitening cleansing powder with mild Vitamin C and papaya enzymes. Enzymes are proteins that digest other unwanted proteins, such as the dead skin cells and old scar tissue trapped deep inside the pores.

Best facial for acne by_Best Facials Singapore

Step 2: Babor Thermal Toning Essence

When the face is deep cleansed, it is very important to remove all remnants of cleanser and balance the pH back to 5.5. We will use Babor Thermal Toning Essence which is a soothing and skin strengthening facial toner that strengthens the natural skin barrier. It has aloe vera extract and panthenol which additionally soothes and moisturizes the skin.

Best facial for acne_by Best Facials Singapore

Step 3: Babor Cleanse & Peel Mask

Next, we aim to gently peel the face with a deep-cleansing mask with a mild exfoliating effect. Plant-based cellulose exfoliating grains and minor salicylic acid open the pores, remove dead skin cells and help prevent congestion or blemishes. Kaolin soaks up excessive sebum and shine, delivering a mattifying effect. Agrimonia eupatoria extract and vitamin B5 help to strengthen the skin.

Best facial_for acne by Best Facials Singapore

Step 4: Babor Active Purifier Fluid

In all good facial treatments, deep penetration of the healing tonic is the most important step after preparing the skin. We simply love the big selection of Babor Ampoules which we can select to as the healing ingredient to help heal our clients skin issues from blemishes, sensitive skin, dehydrated, fine lines, lack of firmness to dull skin.

Babor Active Purifier Fluid has an effective complex of shale oil sulphonate, tea tree oil and garden cress extract. It offers instant remedy to blemishes and inflammations. Reduces blemish by half in 28 days. Inhibit bacteria and promote healing.

Best_facial for acne by Best Facials Singapore

Step 5: Skinovage Purifying Mask

The success of a facial treatment always end with a good finishing mask. Skinovage Purifying Mask never fails us as it helps lock in the Purifying Ampoule Ingredients. More importantly it calms the skin by removing all forms of redness, swell and irritation after extractions. After 20 minutes, our client wakes up from her rest with a deep cleansed face, reduced congestion and calm face.

Stepping into our space is only the beginning of the journey to your recovery. Our biggest value add to our clients is in prescribing a skincare routine which will help our clients continue to receive the appropriate care at home. The above Babor skincare range is the recommended homecare for our clients as well.

You can also order these products online at www.tngbeautycom.com. Free delivery islandwide within Singapore within 7 days for purchase above $200. If time permits, we hope to see you at our premise, Angels Dream Spa at Costa del Sol condo, off Bayshore Road to try our Babor Purifying Ampoule Facial. Call 62433540 for appointment.

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