Physical appearance is highly regarded in today’s fast-paced, modern world. We live in a superficial era. Others go through painful lengths just to be considered ‘beautiful’. Standards of beauty vary from one fashion magazine to the other. And even history will surprise you at how beauty was defined in the last 100 years.

Outward beauty is important, but time-bound. However, inner beauty is timeless. Developing desirable qualities that contribute to true inner beauty is essential for a holistic approach to well-being. Good qualities can bring out the best in you, anytime and anywhere.

One such good quality is a generous heart. There is happiness in giving. It creates within us a sense of fulfillment, knowing that we have done something beyond our personal wants and needs. It gives us a sense of completeness, knowing that someone else is happy because of our action.

A generous person gives freely of his time, energy, and resources to benefit others—and he does so gladly. Really, generosity is measured, not by the size of the gift, but by the motive of the giver.

While occasional giving can produce moments of happiness, a generous disposition can engender a state of happiness. Of course, generosity can be expressed in many ways. One of the best ways, and often the most appreciated, is giving of oneself. A life of kindness and generosity will make a big difference.

How can you practice giving?

You may not realize it but the simple act of caring for people is a way of giving. When you call a friend to say hi and catch up, when you wake up early every day to prepare your family’s need, when you spend time with your family and friends, these may seem trivial but the way you care for others beyond yourself is a form of giving. Instantly, you feel happy and satisfied knowing that you have made a difference in their life in such a simple way.

Extending hospitality is another avenue of giving. Maybe it’s just a simple invitation to a friend to have a cup of coffee, a weekend lunch at your place or a small favor done for a friend. Giving practical support and help makes way for new friendships and strengthen good relationships.

Finally, doing things for a cause is a characteristic of a generous heart. This can be done in the form of volunteerism and donations.

When you volunteered in a community program, how did you feel? No matter how tired you were, it did not measure the joy you felt. Take a look at the pictures you took during that time. Weren’t you all smiling? Volunteers give their time and strength to provide any help and support.
And despite your busy schedule, you took time off to support. People were touched by your actions and they will never forget it.

Surely, you have given financial support to communities and organizations to support their programs and projects. It is an opportunity to share the blessings you have to people who need help. We were never forced to give, but we were moved to share what we have. This creates a positive effect in our personality and outlook.

Now, you have an opportunity to volunteer or donate, or even both! There is nothing to stop a heart that overflows with kindness and generosity. You can practice a generous heart by supporting Angels Dream Spa’s campaign ‘Pay It Forward’.

Angels Dream Spa will organize an outreach program to support Babes Organization, a non-profit organization that reaches out to teenage pregnant girls. Angels Dream Spa aims to uplift these young mothers’ standard of living by teaching them practical skills like manicuring/pedicuring, waxing and massage. At the same time, Angels Dream Spa also encourages people to donate baby items to be used by the organization’s recipients.

As a center of holistic beauty, Angels Dream Spa believes that a true beautiful person exudes radiance inside and out.

Everyone is invited to join this beauty event with a cause. For more information you can call 62433540 or visit

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