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Facial treatment near me for sensitive_skin by Best Facials Singapore

Facial Treatment Near Me for Sensitive Skin by Best Facials Singapore

Facial treatment near me for Sensitive Skin by Best Facials Singapore

Some of our clients wonder if they would ever grow out of their sensitive skin which can easily become red, itchy and swollen.  These clients usually have had some aesthetic treatments done in the last couple of months. Invasive treatments including laser resurfacing facial, chemical peel or simply sunburn from their summer break in Europe.

As their skin barrier is disturbed, they respond easily to external stimuli including pollutants, heat from the sun, perspiration, harsh chemicals and even to touch. Skin becomes sensitive when the nerves at the dermal layer is exposed and hence reacts with redness and itchiness.

As a trained biochemist/chemist and now a practicing beautician, one of our key role is to help restore our clients skin barrier. The secret is Hydration. As the epidermal layer ‘plumps up’ when properly hydrated. This will help to protect the dermal layer which is filled with nerve endings. We advise our clients who suffer from sensitive skin to focus on soothing the skin with hydrating serum/cream laden with super-emolient, hyaluronic acid besides soothing serum/cream rich in Vitamin E and other occulant.

You can read more about our Signature Anti-Sensitive Facial Treatments in our previous blogs: Best Facials Singapore with Guinot Hydradermie and  Best Facials Singapore with Babor Stop Stress.

As a naturalist, we believe our skincare cabinet is a pharmacy of botanical extracts which can be used to help our clients heal well. Let’s start with the Guinot range of skincare which you can order from our online store www.tngbeauty.com.

Do not suffer in silence with sensitive skin. Even if you are not keen to go to the dermatologist, you do not need to search through aisles and rows of products in the pharmacies. Trial and error may worsen your skin condition. Her is 1 of our 3 professional skincare brands which we keep in-store.

1.0 Cleanser

Guinot Hydra Sensitive Cleanser contains chamomile, corn extract and centella which are all deemed as skincare rockstar to help cleanse the face without dehydrating the skin surface area.

Facial treatment near me for sensitive skin by Best Facials_Singapore

2. Serum

When paired with Guinot Hydra Sensitive Serum, the active ingredients penetrates deeper into the epidermal layer to help desensitize the skin. With prolonged use, the skin will be less prone to redness and itchiness.

Facial Treatment Near Me for Sensitive Skin by Best_Facials Singapore

3. Moisturizer

To complete the skincare routine, on top of the hydra sensitive serum, gently apply the hydra sensitive cream which also has chamomile, centella and Vitamin E to help protect the skin from external stimuli and further strengthen the skin’s own defence. It also helps the skin to retain moisture content and restore its oil content. Resulting in balanced and less reactive skin.

Facial Treatment Near Me for Sensitive Skin_by Best Facials Singapore

Always sun protect your skin as a finishing touch. This not only prevent damaging rays from causing pigmentation but further help to seal in our moisture.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.

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