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5 beauty tips while working from home

5 beauty tips while working from home

5 beauty tips while working from home

1. Exercise

Let’s start the day off with an amazing workout to keep our metabolism up. A good workout in the open is essential to up your happy hormones aka endorphine and dopamine.

A good jog at the beach or around your estate, some yoga stretches at your balcony or even a good HIT session using one of the youtube videos definitely help.

2. Meditate

Many find it hard to ‘do nothing at all’. Yes, indeed it is difficult to do just that. Hence, as an avid follower of Dalai Lama’s teaching, would like to suggest the Compassion Meditation for your daily practice.

Let’s start off with you imagining all your loved ones, family and friends. You see their faces clearly and would like to send them your blessings and love, in exchange of their sufferings. This will open up your heart and help you focus on a task other than your own worries and thoughts.

With more practice, you can start to spread this love to others (not limited to people you know) but also, to everyone out there. Collectively, we will be able to change the wind of things back to normal soon.

3. Do a good facial at home

Many of you must be feeling your skin has taken  a toll from all the tension around. Also, it does not help when our creature-comfort routine is now disturbed.

To re-balance your skin, you can consider a 2 step mask routine using any purifying clay mask followed by a hydrating sheet mask or cream mask.

If you wish to be surer, you can always connect with us and we can guide you through a video call. Products can also be delievered to your doorstep. More info at www.tngbeauty.com.

Of course if you are 100% well and not travelled out of Singapore, we welcome you to visit us at our spa for a pampering treatment.

4. Eat loads of fresh fruits and vegetable

Vitamin C from 2 oranges is already sufficient for your daily requirement. Excess Vitamin C will then be purged from the system as it is water-soluble. Hence, to ensure your immunity is high during these times, drink loads of water and eat lots of fresh fruties and colorful vegetable.

5. Sleep well

Safe up the time that you use to commute to work to sleep later. Not only will it keep your immunity high, it also helps to prevent our eyes from looking tired and dull. Love how sleeping simply solve so many of our skin concerns. Don’t let digital distractions compromise your beauty sleep.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the blogs from Angels Dream Spa.

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