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Best Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial Singapore

Babor Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial Singapore

Babor Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial Singapore

Why is my skin often imbalance? My forehead congested with clogged pores which could develop into pimples when I am lack of sleep or stress. Especially during my PMS, I suffer from breakout from the same spots. If these are you are concerns, you have found the right place to solve your problem.

Today, we would like to get into some details on why skin becomes congested, and subsequently develop into pimples. Also, what facials are appropriate and how you could care for your skin at home.

Why congestion?
It may sound strange but your oily skin is often too dehydrated. Dehydrated skin is when the epidermal layer is lacking of water content. When the skin is imbalance, the sebum glands might become over-active to try producing oil to counter for the lack of moisture. This oil coupled with perspiration, dust and pollution is the main reason why skin becomes congested, becomes pimple or acne if the situation is not resolved.

Which facial is our favorite anti-acne facial?
Babor Mattifying and Purifying Ampoule Facial is one of our favorite facial to solve acne issues.

In this facial, we ensure the skin is deep cleansed with either Babor Cleansing Oil or Babor Enzyme Cleaneser. Both work equally well.

Babor Cleansing Oil helps to penetrate the skin lipid-living barrier to draw out impurities from the skin. Once emulsififed with water, all the unwanted dust, congestion and to some extend bacteria will also be removed. Splash water on it and wipe dry.

Babor Enzyme cleanser on the other hand, helps to break down the keratin on the epidermal layer. This will remove dull skin including stubborn congestion plugged into the pores.

Once the face is deep cleansed, we exfoliate the skin with Babor AHA peel which has salicylic acid to further digest the congestion for 5 minutes. As it is a gentle peel, there is no need to neutralise with an alkaline solution. We need to ensure it is thoroughly wiped off though..

Now, the skin has softened and it is ready for a gentle whitehead, blackhead and congestion extraction. As a rule of thumb, we do not extract any pimple which is red inflamed with pus. Reason: An experienced beautician knows that bacteria can further penetrate deeper into the epidermal layer or even spread to another pore if it has pus. Pimple with pus or scientically named pustules are a result of the battle between our immune system and bacteria. At this stage, the best way to handle them is to disinfect it with the appropriate anti-bacterial ampoule.

Here, we will us Babor Purifying Ampoules.

Best Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial_Singapore Best Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial_Singapore

Babor Active Purifier Ampoules contain high concentration of sulphate shale oil and Malalueca Tea Tree Oil which helps to disinfect the bacteria and shrink pores.

Following that, we complete this treatment with Babor Pure Mask contains kaolin and some natural seed oil which helps to absorb excess sebum and oil from the skin. Leave on for 10 mins and wash off.

Wipe dry, tone with Babor Rose Toner and apply Babor Hydra Plus Ampoule to balance the water content after such a facial which can be abit dehydrating for the surface area. Followed by Babor Balancing Cream which mattifies and Babor SPF50.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.

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