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Guinot Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial Singapore

Guinot Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial Singapore

Guinot Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial Singapore

If you are suffering from congested pores, whitehead and blackhead on your T-zone, you are not alone. Most in Singapore have similar experience, yet they often feel their skin is  constantly dehydrated.

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As an experienced beautician, there are a couple of steps we take to heal an acne-plagued skin. More importantly, in order to prevent skin from getting sensitive due to over-harshed cleansing and aging due to dehydration, we recommend a series of care to restore skin to health.

Step 1: 6-months Guinot Facial Program

2 weekly for 4 times Guinot Hydra-Peel Brightening Facial, followed by Guinot Hydradermie Facial once. And repeat the same sequence for another 2 times

Guinot Hydra Peel Brightening Facial starts with with a gentle peel, a skin renewal massage to balance water-oil content and a soothing mask.

Guinot Hydra Peel is a gentle peel which promises the results of a chemical peel but much less harsh.

2 peel options available to suit sensitivity and skin type.

One with hydra-abrasion peel, targeted at congested pores as it has micro cellulose granules and papaya extract which gently exfoliates the skin. Most suitable to solve congestion, whitehead and blackhead.

The other with gentle phytic acid peel which helps to digest away congestion, kills bacteria in pus-filled pimple and reduce the appearance of pigments.

We love this facial compared to other professional peels as it balances the skin’s water-oil content with the appropriate Beaute Neuve Massage Cream. We at Angels Dream Spa usees a Detox Lymphatic Massage movement for congested skin and Yoga-inspired facial massage for lifting for mature skin which requires brigthening.

To finish off this treatment, we spread on our much loved Beaute Neuve Mask which is cooling, smell amazing and with no-mess. It hardens as a peel off mask which removes dead skin cells and brightens the face. Skin feel smoother, regenerated and much brighter too.

Step 2: 3 steps skincare routine at home

Our caring team of beauticians, with more than 10 years of experience each helps to recommend a 3 step skincare routine to help restore our clients skin health.

For congested skin with slight redness/highly dehydrated, we highly recommend Guinot Hydra-sensitive cleansing milk, Guinot Hydrating Lotion and Guinot Pure balance cream (problem area) and Guinot Hydrazone fluid (overall face, neck and eyes).

To further speed up the recovery, Guinot Acnilogic Serum will be a good addition.

For very pimply, acne skin, it will be ideal to go all out to kill the germs with Guinot Microbiotic Foam and Guinot Microbiotic Lotion.

Guinot Anti-Acne Facial by Best Facial_Singapore

Step 3: A well-balanced lifestyle

Nothing beats managing ones’ lifestyle if we wish to have good skin.

Consume 2 liters of water with loads of fresh food is the most important. Enough sleep and less stress is also important. A gentle reminder, always wash your face within an hour of exercise and gently tone, moisturize it. Never go around your activities with a perspiration-laden face as it is a very condusive home for bacteria. Also, do not leave the skin unprotected with lotion as will get dehydrated, causing the sebum gland to be over-active to compensate for the dehydration. Beauty sleep heals acne, blemishes and clogged pores 

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.


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