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5 tips to keep hdyrate in airplane by Best Facial Singapore

5 tips to keep skin hydrated in airplane by Best Facial Singapore

5 tips to keep skin hydrated in airplane by Best Facial Singapore

If you feel your skin is dehydrated and dry while you’are travelling long hours in the cabin, you’re not alone. To prevent from having parched lips, dehydrated dull skin upon landing, here are 5 tips you may find useful.

1) Mask a day before

Prep the skin with double mask. More often than not, we tend to use clay mask to purfiy and exfoliate. It is advisable to always follow through with a hydrating serum sheet mask or a nourishing vitamin E, A, C cream/sheet mask to keep the skin supple. Ideally, get your beautician to give you a proper 90mins facial complete with deep cleanse, exfoliation, facial massage andmask appropriately.

5 tips to keep skin hydrated in airplane by_Best Facial Singapore

2) Boost the skin with a dose of ampoule daily for a week prior to the trip 

If you ever wonder why celebrities seem to have translucent skin despite their busy schedules, it is likely due to the tonic that they apply ever so often. Our hot favorite include Babor ampoules which come in a huge variety from anti-sensitive, purifying, hydrating to anti-aging. Apply 7 days of these ampoules prior to going on your trip will assure you of a good skin texture.

5 tips to keep skin hydrated in ariplane by Best Facial_Singapore

3) Spray hydrating mist in the cabin

Hydrating mist helps to set your make-up well and prevent your skin from being dehydrated. Effect is an instant glow, plumped up and lifted face.

4) Drink loads of water during the flight

Keep an empty flask and have the attendant fill it up with water. Sip often to keep hydrated all the time

5) Facial oil at night upon arrival

Facial oil is a must-pack for the trip in climate countries. It quickly fills up lines and keep the skin barrier healthy. Lessen chances of getting sensitive skin and redness from dehydrated, chapped face.  Check out this blog to find out everything above facial oil.

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Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.

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