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Best Facials_Singapore for Dehydrated Skin

Best Facials in Singapore for Dehydrated skin

Best Facials In Singapore for Dehydrated Skin

It is a very common mistake to keep referring our skin as dry but in fact our skin is dehydrated. Yes, it can be quite confusing and lets’ understand the difference between dry and dehydrated skin in more detail.

Dry skin refers to skin lacking of oil. This generally occurs to mature skin which lacks fats in the hypodermal layer (after epidermal, dermal layers). This mainly due to hormonal changes as we age. Appearance wise, mature skin will be thinner and less firm.

Dehydrated skin refers to skin lacking of water. This is very common in younger skin as well as mature skin. For younger skin, skin is oily but it can be severely dehydrated. In fact, dehydrated skin usually is oily as it overly compensates for the lack of moisture. This is especially so with those who have blemishes and use extremely harsh products for cleansing and exfoliating. Appearance wise, skin is tight and pores may be congested with small hard whiteheads.

If this sounds familiar, lets’ check out what skincare and treatment can help to rebalance the skin to optimal.

Here, I would highly recommend Guinot Hydradermie Treament. The Best Facials with Guinot is effective to heal a variety of conditions especially dehydrated, congested and sensitive skin. Double ionization technology helps to deep penetrate Hydradermie Serum into the epidermal layer, followed by Oxygenation with Argon helps to heal the skin and keep it supple and glowy. For more related information, please read Best Facials in Singapore for Congested Skin

Best Facials Singapore for_Dehydrated Skin

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