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DIY Mason Jar Salads, A Stylish Way To Healthy Skin

Vegetables are best for health. But some people are just not that keen to eat these greens. Sometimes, these foods need to be appealing in order for them to get enticed. Mason jar salads are becoming a lifestyle choice to eat healthy. You can share these tips to encourage your loved ones to stay healthy.

Some health stores are offering freshly made Mason jar salads for people on-the-go. Because these are clear jars, the play of colours created by the mixture of fruits, nuts, herbs and vegetables is tempting. Even if you are not the health conscious type, you will stop, stare and drool over these tasty-looking Mason jar salads. The good news, you can make your own jar of salad by following these simple steps.

Pour in the dressing first.

The salad that we are used to gets drizzled with dressing last. However, Mason jar salads are designed to be packed and eaten later. To avoid getting your ingredients all wet and soggy, put the dressing first and let it sit at the base of your jar.

Layer the grain, protein and chunky ingredients.

Make a bed for your ingredients. This will keep the dressing from sipping through the rest of your ingredients. At the same time, it will give enough moisture to soften your hard ingredients such as nuts and high-protein legumes. If you like a something to crunch on your salad, you can use croutons or diced apples to separate the dressing from the rest of the ingredients. If you like to add some flavour, diced cheese will do the trick.

Add the fixings.

There are just salad ingredients which have become our favourites. This could be sliced almonds, raisins or dried fruits. We want them because of the flavour and twist they give to our salads. But we want them dry until we are ready to eat. These fixings should be just below the lid of the Mason jar.

Lastly, add the greens.

The green leafy vegetables add freshness to our salad preparations. It keeps our salad bright and fresh-looking. Keep your greens in just the right amount and shape. The Mason jar is an average size and you cannot squeeze in there all your greens. Make sure to keep it small and bite size. You can try baby romaine, arugula and zen blend. Adding the greens last will also make it easy when you pour the salad on a plate. You have a healthy salad on-the-go, just the way you like it.

Green leafy vegetables are good for keeping your skin glowing. Grains and legumes are efficient source of proteins for muscle development. What you take in will surely show on your appearance. Make sure you only eat healthy food to keep your skin looking radiant.

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