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Lasting Beauty by Best Facials Singapore

Lasting Beauty by Best Facials Singapore

Lasting Beauty by Best Facials Singapore

“What is lasting beauty?” “What is anti-aging?”

Before we look at anti-aging, let’s understand what causes aging. Skin looses its firmness and show wrinkles due to the lack of elasticity. Collagen is a protein that is twisted in a helical shape helps to keep skin strong and firm. Besides collagen, there is 1 more protein which is involved in keeping the skin elastic. It is called elastin. Elastin allows your skin to pop back into place after some kind of force depresses it or pulls it out of position. Like your aunt’s fingers pinching your cheek.

But life is very ironical isn’t it? With all the understanding on skin science, we cannot control our body system at will. We may understand what collagen and elastin is structurally, but we cannot decide how much or how little to produce.

There is no need to despair though.

The most beautiful people are often not the ones who go under the knife/needle but happy people with good habits, a warm smile and kind heart.

Here are our observations on lasting beauty :

Firstly, be diligent with hydrating and anti-aging skincare (not forgetting sun protection) with a balanced diet of good quality protein, oil and anti-oxidant. Read more on Skin Superfoods.

Additionally, to ensure cell regeneration does not slow down with age, we recommend our clients to trusted trainers for a variety of activities including cardio (high intensity/tennis etc), flexibility (Hatha yoga for better posture) and strength (weight). And most importantly, we observe that sufficient oxygenation with deep breathing meditation (The healing powers of meditation) helps to give this extraordinary glow.

At Angels Dream Spa, home to the Best Facials in Singapore combines our knowledge on skin science, facial treatments, skincare, comforting hands with positive energy and our network of resource to uplift our clients to achieve a complete sense of well being. This is our mission.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa.


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