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Hyaluronic Acid best for dehydrated skin by Best Facials Singapore

Hyaluronic Acid best for dehydrated skin by Best Facials Singapore

Hyaluronic Acid best for dehydrated skin by Best Facials in Singapore.

If you have dull, dehydrated yet oily inside skin, you are part of the 70% of  Singapore residents’s skin profile. Silently suffering from congested skin which never seem to glow no matter how much cream you slap on?

What is Hyaluronic Acid? And its Benefits…

Is Hyaluronic Acid an acid? No. It is not an acid. It is a sugar molecule. It will not cause sensitivity.

Hyaluronic Acid is a glycosaminoglycan, which is a polysaccharide. It is a sugar molecule with the ability to hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. Essentially, you can imagine it to be like a sponge that absorbs and retains water. Its superpower hydrating and anti-aging abilities help to plump up fine lines and keep the skin looking luminous-glow (almost dewy) as the skin is superhydrated.

Hyaluronic Acid is naturally occuring in our connective tissue throughout our bodies, with 50% found in our skin. Hence, most of us take on well with this ingredient (with little complain on sensitivity). However, do take note that we should always apply our serum and cream evenly and thinly over our face, neck and decollete area. After a couple of days, we can then increase the volume and even frequency of the application

Injectible Hyaluronic Acid is generally made of bacteria or cock comb (yes, you read correctly) stabilized in the laboratory to work more effectively. In recent years, serums and creams containing 0.05% to 1% is found in almost all skincare brands from Korean to European skincare. This bandwagon is so popular that this rock star ingredient has morphed into all forms and fashions from spray mist to make up .

When should I apply Hyaluronic Acid? And How?

When is the best time to apply Hyaluronic Acid? Morning. Definitely Morning.

Those who are Angels Dream Spa fans know that our Rule of Thumb for skincare routine is balancing of water and oil content. As Singapore is warm and humid during the day, it would be good to hydrate the skin in the day. At night, we suggest to use more regenerative or anti-aging serums like Vitamin A, E or C coupled with thicker cream rich in collagen and peptide. All regarded as Skin Superfoods

Hydrating in the Day. Firming in the Evening.

Water-retaining product in the Day. Oil-replenishing product in the Night.

Just like all else in life. Balance is the Key. Read more on Look Great at 40 by Best Facials Singapore and Best Facials in Singapore for Dehydrated Skin

The daily skincare routine of Hyaluronic Acid is part of the Serum. The order of application is Cleanse, Tone, Serum, Cream and Sunblock. It will be the 3rd step.

In the next article as part of the 3 blogs in the series of Skincare for Great Skin, we will explore 2 other rockstars of skincare: Vitamin A and Vitamin C.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this series of blogs from Best Facial and Spa East Coast Singapore ~ Angels Dream Spa. For treatments to help solve dehydrated skin, you may want to find out more in Best Facials in Singapore for Dehydrated Skin.

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