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Should oily skin use cream? by Best Facials Singapore

Should oily skin use cream? by Best Facials Singapore

Should oily skin use cream? by Best Facials Singapore

This is one of the most common question we get asked by our clients.

And the answer is OF COURSE.

You: Why? Why? Why?

We: You should use a Mattifying cream to regulate your sebum glands and pimple cream to kill the bacteria on your problem areas.

One of super favorite pimple gel is Maria Galland D510 Gel SOSShould oily skin use_cream? by Best Facials Singapore

This purifying antibacterial facial gel helps to clear up pimple by drying them up. It helps to absorb excess sebum, removes dead skin cells and clears blocked pores. The main ingredients include LPM complex (lipase, protease, maltodextrin) which helps to remove dead skin cells, salicylic acid which clear blocked pores and liquorice root extract which relieves irritation and itching.

The other wonderful gem is Guinot Cover Touch Concealer

Should oily skin_use cream? by Best Facials Singapore

We love The Guinot Cover Touch Concealer because it is not a concealer. It is in fact a tinted pimple cream with a lot of anti-bacterial agent.

It helps to treat the pimples while covering up the imperfections while is is being healed. This is very important as most of us are self conscious and tend to use a make up foundation to cover up the red inflamed area which makes it worse. One of its active ingredients is Sebostop complex which helps to regulate the sebum gland and dry up the pimples with antibacterial action. Now, there is no reason to pop those pimples but let’s wait it out..

Just as important, besides pimple cream is a proper cleanser and toner.

The hot pick in our salon is Guinot Microbiotic Foam and Guinot Microbiotic Toner which realy keep the whole area free from bacteria. Another option is Babor Gel & Tonic 2-in-1 cleanser for day and Babor Enzyme Cleanser for night with a gentle toner like Dr Babor Rebalancing Liquid.

Now during #circuit breaker, do consider reaching out to us at www.tngbeauty.com Singapore 1st Online Skincare Consultant to help match your skintype with the right skin care…

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